Advantages of Jogging

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Advantages of Jogging

It is no secret that jogging is one of the most common exercise activities worldwide and this success is deeply rooted in the many advantages of jogging as a sport and as an activity for leisure. Ask any jogging enthusiast and you will even find varied and diverse answers as to why jogging is a sport you can easily fall in love with. This diversity and simplicity has helped fuel the popularity of jogging making it one of the most beloved sports regardless of time and location.

If you want a concise but thorough listing of the advantages of jogging, here is a list detailing some of the more common reasons you’ll hear as to why people have fallen in love with jogging all these years.

•Jogging is a great exercise for cardiovascular fitness. In fact, many experts would say jogging is the best exercise for boosting one’s cardiovascular endurance that can be done. A regular jogging routine considerably improves one’s cardio-respiratory functions by pushing the body to get accustomed to an elevated level of cardiovascular stress, and consequently allows it to adjust. With regular repetition, the body becomes more efficient in transporting oxygen to the organs such that in rest, the heart no longer needs to work as hard to deliver the same amount of oxygen. This may not sound like much but consider the common scenario where people gasp for air when climbing a short flight of stairs; enhanced cardiovascular fitness can help eliminate this altogether in people who jog regularly.

•Weight loss. Jogging burns calories, speeds up metabolism, and promotes weight loss. Many of the people who are on the road to a healthier lifestyle often find themselves embracing jogging as the best form of exercise. This is because, metabolically, jogging is one of the most efficient activities when it comes to burning fat. An hour of jogging on the treadmill at moderate pace consumes about 700 calories. Compare this with other exercise routines like biking and swimming which only consumes about 500 and 350 calories respectively per hour of exercise. This efficiency is one of the advantages of jogging that makes it an ideal activity for weight loss and health.

•Jogging is an all-year round activity. Some sports are closely tied to weather conditions. Biking cannot be done in the winter and so is swimming. Team sports like basketball and football require the use of big indoor courts. Weight training means you have to be in a gym. Jogging, on the other hand, can be done the whole-year round especially in tropical locations. Moreover, even countries that have harsh winters still have people who jog outside when the weather breaks for the better. And if that’s not your cup of tea, there’s always the reliable treadmill that allows you to run virtually any time of the day and regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The treadmill actually takes away all excuses for not running and allows anyone to embrace the advantages of jogging when it is most convenient for them.

•It’s a sport that does not require any expensive equipment. As the saying goes, you only need the road beneath your feet to be able to run. Of the many advantages of jogging, this is often the most understated because it is assumed to be basic fact that many overlook it. Indeed, jogging is such a simple and natural sport that virtually anyone can do it. This adds to the allure and attraction of jogging as a sport that should be taken seriously.

The many advantages of jogging no doubt gives credence to its status as one of the most favored sports and leisure activities the world over. If you have yet to fall in love with jogging and all the benefits that it brings, go out and give it a try today. With just a good running shoe and miles and miles of road ahead, you are sure to find all that you need as you jog your way to health, fitness, and inner peace.