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The Aqua Jogger

Traditionally, water sports like aqua jogging, aqua running and aqua aerobics were for the aged, the overweight, the pregnant and the injured. This was a preferred method of exercise because it was low impact. However, more and more people are choosing to use an aqua jogger and joining the water exercise bandwagon.

Water exercise is very popular for several reasons. The main one is that in water, the body is weightless and consequently there is less stress on the joints from any form of exercise. Another reason for its popularity is that you can keep cool and avoid overheating during exercise as you remain in water throughout the workout. There is also the benefit of water providing some resistance which is necessary for an effective workout.

Aqua jogging can be done in two ways. In one way, the aqua jogger is used in a shallow pool with the feet touching the bottom of the pool. This type of aqua jogging is not totally non-impact as the feet touch the ground and it is possible to cause injury to the joints. However, it is still has much lower impact than the traditional type of jogging.

The other method of using an aqua jogger in the deep end of the water where your feet do not reach the bottom of the pool. This will require a floating device to keep your head and a portion of your chest above water. The aqua jogger can be referred to as a floatation belt and is essential because it takes away the necessity of treading water to keep afloat. Treading water would expend too much energy and a person would not be able to get any other form of workout.

The aqua jogger is worn around the waist, hence the term floatation belt, and it must be used correctly with the correct posture. The proper posture will be with the head lifted up above water, chin straight, lifted chest, tight abdominals and buttocks. Breathing should be kept as normal as possible. It is a bit difficult to maintain the right posture due to the buoyancy of the water but with some practice, it can be achieved.

The aqua jogger does not only come in the form of a belt but also in the form of a vest. A vest is useful in maintaining the correct posture to get the most out of your aqua jogging or other form of water exercise. Correct posture will also guard against strains, most especially back strains.

The aqua jogger is becoming an increasing popular exercise item. Many sports houses have a version of it in either belt form or vest form. It can be purchased online or at sporting goods or physical fitness equipment stores.

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