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Aqua Jogging Belts

If you are recovering from a serious foot injury or if you want to improve your running posture without putting undue pressure on your feet and legs, aqua jogging belts may just be the right equipment for you. Aqua jogging belts are used for aqua jogging, a recently developed training technique that is purported to improve your running form while minimizing the impact stresses associated with normal jogging. This being aqua jogging, the whole exercise is done on a pool with the aqua jogging belt used as a tethering support to keep the runner upright.

The whole idea behind aqua running stem from the need for many injured runners and athletes to resume cardiovascular activities without putting unnecessary stress on the foot. This is especially important when dealing with stress fractures and other injuries that affect the small bones in the feet. For athletes in these situations, the choice was either to keep on training to sustain one’s cardiovascular fitness despite the injury, or do sit back and do nothing at all.

Aqua jogging today, whether done personally, with the supervision of a qualified therapist, or in aqua jogging classes offered across the country, utilizes aqua jogging belts to keep the runner upright during the whole exercise. In order to ensure that no stress is being placed on the injured foot, aqua jogging is done on the deep end of a swimming pool where the runner’s feet will not touch the floor. Aqua jogging belts are then fastened to one’s waist to act as a stabilizing support so when a runner assumes normal jogging position, he will not keel over with each kicking motion.

Recent applications have also expanded the utility of aqua jogging belts to seniors who want to do minimal stress aerobics. Running in the water makes this possible because the water resistance requires a substantial exertion of force that can help seniors train their muscles as well as push them to elevate their heart rate to sustain the workout. Moreover, there are now classes offered all over the country by qualified aqua jogging instructions, formally making the workout a recognized form of therapy and low-impact training methodology.

In recent years, aqua jogging belts of the cheaper varieties have begun to surface in the market making aqua jogging that much more accessible to anyone and everyone. When it was first introduced for injury therapy, aqua jogging required the use of expensive aqua joggers that were too pricy for most people. Today, Amazon and many other retail shops sell aqua jogging belts at an affordable price, often in the $30 price range. For this amount, one can buy aqua jogging belts from reputable brands like Speedo who specialize in the manufacture of water-sports equipment.

Are you looking to pick up a low impact sport or one that can help you rehab and heal from a serious foot injury? Or are you a runner looking for innovative training methods to help you improve your running form? Try aqua jogging! With the aid of aqua jogging belts, this is now a readily accessible sport with plenty of promise and benefit for serious athletes. Give it a try and see how far aqua jogging will take you in your bid to be healthy and fit.