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Aqua Jogging Workouts

Aqua jogging is one of the best cross-training options available. With the right form, you can turn a simple jog in the pool into an intense workout that thoroughly works every muscle in your body. Moreover, aqua jogging is one of the best exercise options when dealing with an injury. Several experienced runners often have to deal with serious injuries which sideline their running routines for quite a while. Fortunately, aqua jogging workouts provide such individuals with the chance to remain fit by engaging in full body workouts without over-exerting themselves or aggravating their injuries.

At this point, you may be wondering what aqua jogging is all about and what you need to carry out this activity. Aqua jogging refers to a form of deep-water running that closely resembles actual running. Unlike actual running, your feet don’t touch the ground in aqua jogging which makes it a zero impact activity. This is beneficial in that this physical activity is safe for all individuals regardless of the type of injury that they may have suffered. The only exception is a hip flexor injury. Individuals with this type of injury should avoid this physical activity as the increased resistance of the water may aggravate their previous injury.

If you are new to aqua jogging, there are a few things that you will need to perform the exercise. New aqua joggers will often require a floating belt or vest which allows the joggers to focus fully on their form for their first few workouts. Throughout the physical activity, you need to ensure that your jogging form resembles your natural running style. Without the belt, the aqua jogging exercise tends to be more of an upper body workout. As such, one has to maintain an upright running posture at all times to get a full body workout. Once you get a little more experience, you will find that you no longer need the floating belt/vest.

There are a number of aqua jogging workouts for one to choose from. Typically, one would choose a workout based on their experience with the exercise as well as the duration that they expect to be in the water. The long run pool workout is one of the best aqua jogging workouts available. Comparable to a long run, this workout is usually 2 hours long with approximately 40 minutes spent on hard running. This workout involves a warm up of 30 minutes, 3 minutes of hard running followed by 2 minutes of recovery. This is then followed by 5 minutes of recovery jogging. This process is repeated roughly 12 times with a recovery period between each interval. Finally, the long run pool workout ends with a cool down jog of 25 minutes.

If you are pressed on time, you might want to try out the steady interval workout. Slightly over an hour in length, this aqua jogging workout involves a warm up of 20 minutes, 3 minutes of hard running followed by 1 minute of recovery jogging with the set repeated at least 6 times. The workout ends with a cool down of 20 minutes. Some individuals who like the water and have a place to do it actually prefer agua jogging workouts outdoors jogging.