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Beginner Jogging

In the quest to live healthy lives, the need to learn the basics of beginner jogging is one of the most important steps towards embracing a new lifestyle. If someone runs too fast too soon, you can expect them to quickly sour towards jogging. However, and conversely, make them run too slow for too long and jogging does not do anything towards helping one lose weight and live a healthier life.

The truth is there is a very fine line between correct and incorrect jogging techniques. So beginner jogging needs to be closely looked at for it to become a beneficial and enjoyable activity. What’s more, that fine line actually does not demand a lot in the way of planning, or even understanding the basic dynamics of the human body. In other words, the best advice that can be given in the context of jogging for beginners is “listen to your body.” Indeed, that advice encapsulates most aspects of a healthy running workout without taxing the body beyond its means.

Consider the following important pointers that will help beginner joggers pick up the rigors of jogging without making it an activity that you want to run away from.

The first thing that happens with beginner jogging is that soon after the first jog the individual feels all sorts of pain combined with shortness of breath. This creates the impression that jogging is hard and pretty soon, they end up dropping their jogging exercise altogether. With this thought in mind, the advice “listen to your body” comes in handy. Never try to do too much too soon. Instead, start with fast walk sessions, then progress to a jog after a week or two, and likewise gradually building up the distance. For first-time joggers, the ideal program includes walking for 20-min and 30-min sessions during the first two weeks, and then alternating jog-walk sequences over the next 2 to 3 weeks before eventually graduating totally to a jog. Remember; if something hurts, listen to your body and slow down. The goal is to jog and have fun doing it.

Wear the proper clothes for a jog. The best options are those that are sweat-wicking, meaning that they do not soak up the sweat and turn heavy over time. Sweat-wicking clothing allows proper ventilation so the jogger does not overheat while providing comfort at the same time.

Picking the right running shoes is a very important aspect of beginner jogging. If you want to succeed in jogging, invest in a pair of good running shoes. Flat shoes will hurt your feet and will quickly cause you to hate jogging. Visit running specialty stores and invest in good shoes if you want to be truly able to avoid the pain and enjoy the run.

Learn to hydrate yourself. Bring a bottle of water or sports drink so you can take occasional sips during the jog. Dehydration diminishes performance and can even be fatal when taken to the extreme. Proper hydration allows a jogger to maintain his speed without losing body fluids in the process. Likewise, sports drinks contain electrolytes that are useful in proper hydration so learn to alternate drinking water and sports drinks to get the best effect.

Beginner jogging is only hard if one does not pay attention to proven tips that make jogging easier and more sustainable. Take note of these suggestions and incorporate them into your jogging exercise program so you can achieve the health goals that you set for yourself. Do it right and you will be surprised at what jogging can do to help you get there. The truth is, jogging paves the way for achieving your health goals. Allow jogging to lead the way so you can be fit, fast, and trim in no time at all.

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