Benefits Of Jogging

Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012

What if you were given a chance to control a bit of your destiny? I think that would be an offer no one could easily refuse. There is an opportunity to somewhat control and certainly manage the destiny of one very important aspect of your future, your health.

This management system is essentially free from cost and requires very little of your time; approximately 3 hours per week. I am referring to jogging; a simple and easy to do exercise that has far reaching health benefits for those who partake. These benefits of jogging are very similar to the benefits of running, for jogging is running but at an unhurried and slower pace.

The primary benefit of jogging is cardiovascular; jogging makes the human heart stronger and stronger is always better. This fact is certainly noteworthy since cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death in the United States! This is an alarming statistic and should be cause for great concern.

While genetics are a factor that we cannot control, lifestyle is a factor we do have much control over. Diet and exercise play a major role in our cardiovascular health and jogging is an exercise program that can be easily incorporated into our over scheduled lifestyles.

Along with the cardiovascular benefit received from jogging, a person who jogs will notice their broadened capacity to deal with occasional bouts of depression while staying fit. A stronger body creates a stronger mind.

As earlier stated, jogging makes the heart stronger and more efficient. It accomplishes this by increasing blood circulation and its capacity; it is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are designed to elevate heart rate for a period of time, providing health benefits that can combat illness and disease. Research has shown time and again that any cardiovascular workout is of great benefit and jogging is one example that is easily affordable and available; all you need is approval from your doctor, a good pair of running shoes, a surface to jog on, and a bit of a challenging component, discipline. However, once a person realizes the benefit of jogging, they will most likely accept the challenge.

Jogging will also reduce one’s risk for Type 2 Diabetes. It has been reported that there will be approximately one million new cases of diabetes this year. This is an alarming prediction that can be lessened by diet and exercise. Jogging for 30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week seems like a small sacrifice to make to reduce your risk of diabetes! While you are reducing the risk for diabetes, you will also be strengthening your bones and muscles. This will, in turn, reduce stress on your joints and help you to avoid problems associated with joint pain later in life.

If you need yet another reason to begin jogging, there is evidence to support the theory that a regular exercise program of jogging helps to reduce the risk from certain cancers. The two primary cancers made reference to are colon and breast cancer. It seems the more committed you are to benefits of jogging the more your risk is reduced. You can reduce this risk of colon cancer by 30% -40% just by jogging less than an hour a week 5 or 6 times. A similar set of statics apply to jogging’s effects on breast cancer. The health benefits of jogging are significant and offer you the opportunity to take some control of your destiny. Get up and start moving!

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