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The Best Shoes For Jogging

With the development of shoe design technology, it is actually very hard to give a shortlist of the best shoes for jogging. Every runner or jogger has a different shoe requirement which should also be addressed by a different shoe design. To narrow down all the running shoes into just a few “best shoes for jogging” is to setup yourself up for a task that is close to impossible.

Instead, we are going to list the considerations that are important when picking the best shoes for jogging for any runner out there.

Cushioning. The ultimate purpose of any running shoe is cushioning. This means that the shoe is able to absorb all the impact and channel it elsewhere instead of allowing it to damage your ankles and knees. The best shoes for jogging are those that strike a healthy balance between cushioning and weight. Too much cushioning makes the shoe heavier; conversely, too light and your feet will not be properly supported with each impact.

A secondary consideration with regard to cushioning is related to gait. Simply put, gait is the way your legs and feet behave when it impacts the surface after every step. In some cases, the ankles roll inward or outward with each impact creating unnecessary stresses on the knees and hips. These types of gait require special shoe applications including:

· Neutral running shoes. These are the best shoes for jogging for neutral runners with no noticeable deviation in gait versus the neutral posture.
· Overpronation. Overpronators require motion-control shoes. Overpronation happens when the ankle rolls too far inward during landing causing uneven distribution of weight that can cause serious bone injuries on the ankles.
· Suppination. Suppinators require stability-designed shoes. Suppination happens when the jogger does not roll his ankle adequately inwards. This means that the weight is not transferred evenly across the foot but absorbed by the heel area with each foot strike.

Breathability - Joggers need suitable ventilation on their feet to make running a comfortable experience. The foot can easily heat up during a run and breathable shoes provide enough ventilation to cool the foot down.

Weight - This is already tied to cushioning. Pick shoes that are lighter; hence less stressful on the feet with every run. However, be careful to not get very light sprinter shoes or you’ll end up with potential injuries due to lack of cushioning.

Surface - Depending on your typical jogging venue, the best shoes for jogging for you are either road shoes or trail shoes. Road shoes are lighter and have more even cushioning while trail shoes have more spikes for traction and are more ruggedly constructed to withstand the elements.

Size - The most important rule when picking the best shoes for jogging is to not pick a shoe that’s too big or too small for you. Both types can lead to a variety of injuries that takes a long time to heal. Instead, properly measure your foot size with a foot-size meter and pick according to the results. You can also do it by feel but your judgment is oftentimes affected by how it looks rather than how it feels. Instead, try to be as objective as possible when picking the correct shoe sizes. Also remember that for most people, the sizes of the left and right foot are slightly different. Always follow the size of the bigger foot for comfort, convenience and injury avoidance.

The best shoes for jogging are typically manufactured by brands with extensive experience in running shoes. Do not believe those who claim that all running and jogging shoes are created equal because they are not. Brands like Adidas, Mizuno, Nike, Asics, New Balance, Saucony, and Newton among others are the most sought after brands. When deciding on the best shoes for jogging you would do well to invest in a good quality shoe that will allow you to enjoy your runs without causing injury.

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