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How to Calculate Running Distance

Running or jogging is often cited as one of the best physical exercises that one can engage in. Besides its numerous advantages, running can also be used to foster social relationships when done with other people. As any active jogger will tell you, knowing how to calculate running distance is an essential part of building a healthy running schedule.

There are many ways through which you can calculate running distance. One of the popular ways is to wear a stopwatch that tracks how many miles you run or walk as well as the calories that you burn as you do so. The functionality of such stopwatches is highly complex so do not expect them to be cheap. One advantage that this method has is that the watches last for a lifetime if taken care of. In fact, a number of runners only change their 'distance watches' because they found one which has better functionality.

The other way through which you can calculate running distance is through the use of a map. Mapping out your running route will not only let you know how many miles you are running, it will also let you properly plan out which area you are going to run. This is helpful as running can become boring especially when running the same route every day. However, if you are relying on printed maps, you will need to make sure its updated as structures are always being built every day. To avoid this inconvenience, you may simply choose to get your maps based on Google maps which are rather accurate for most regions.

Fortunately, technology has reached an age where you can easily calculate the distance that you are running by simply using your phone. Smartphones, which have now become the norm, have numerous applications which allow you to calculate running distances simply by carrying it with you. Moreover, these applications allow you to combine other features such as planning your running route as well as storing the data on the distance that you ran for future analysis.

Most of today’s applications use wireless technology to automatically sync the distance that you ran on a certain day with others that you may have stored on your personal computer. It only takes a few simple configurations to get this up and running. If you are unsure of the distance that you ran, you may also simply visit the numerous online running forum sites.

On these sites, you are likely to find more accurate information on the distance that you ran and how to properly calculate running distance from other more experienced runners who probably ran the same route that you did.