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Calories and Jogging

Calories and jogging are two of the most closely associated words that are useful for those who are looking to lose weight. When one talks about jogging, one can assume that the word “calories” is never too far away. Jogging has been so closely tied to the idea of burning calories so much that when people decide to lose weight, one of the first things they try to do is to start jogging.

However, it’s worth noting that there are several myths associated with calories and jogging that severely hinder the ability of many to lose weight effectively. In this post, we will tackle and debunk these myths to help weight loss enthusiasts find the right way to a healthy version of themselves relying primarily on jogging as a means of getting there.

Myth: All jogging routines are created equal. As long as you are jogging, you are losing calories.

Truth: Well, not all jogging routines are created equal. If you jog slowly, you burn a lower number of calories per hour as opposed to when you jog fast. Intensity is a key determinant for the rate of calorie burning for a jogger and higher intensity workouts demand more energy leading to more calorie burns. However, pure high intensity workouts can also lead to fatigue. The trick is to mix high and low intensity workouts to allow recovery periods in between. This type of jogging workout maximizes the calorie burn without pushing the jogger to get tired quickly.

Myth: If you do not run long enough, then it’s better if you don’t run at all and just come back the next day when you can devote a good number of hours to working out.

Truth: This is a common excuse from many who are busy with other things. As the thinking goes, “if I can’t exercise for a full hour because of a busy schedule, I won’t gain much and would rather put it off for tomorrow.” Duration is important to exercising but even short workouts can produce a lot of results invalidating the notion that a limited time makes little difference. If you are short on time, focus on high intensity jogging instead so your calories and jogging relationship also goes up to help you lose more weight faster.

Myth: I need to jog every day to effectively lose weight.

Truth: You are not a machine and even machines require regular maintenance to continue performing at top-level. Calories and jogging is most efficient when you mix regular rest with great workouts. Limiting yourself to 4 or 5 good jogging workouts per week and then resting or cross-training at an easier sport can help keep your body fresh and ready to put in the kind of work that leads to a great calorie burn. Conversely, over-exercising can lead to fatigue which then limits your performance in future workouts.

Calories and jogging may be synonymous but there’s a correct way of doing it. For weight loss watchers, finding this training sweet spot is important to maximize the calorie burn with just the right amount of time and effort. By taking the time to understand these truths and forgetting the myths, one can be better positioned for using jogging as a means to burning calories. Remember; there is a right way for calories and jogging. Master this and you are guaranteed to lose weight fast by simply relying on simple jogging workouts.