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Calories Lost Jogging

If you are looking for ideal exercises to help you burn calories and lose weight, then you should consider, running, jogging or swimming. Al three are relatively easy to take up with only swimming requiring a moderate amount of skill from the individual. Jogging and running, on the other hand can be done anywhere at any time and most of the time are not hampered by unfavorable weather.

One of the most asked question relates to the number of calories lost jogging. There are many answers to this question with the most accurate relating to the type of exercise workout you use when jogging. For instance, there are more calories lost jogging at an alternating pace than when one jogs at a slow steady pace.

When talking about the amount of calories lost jogging, it is crucial to consider the amount of fat which is burned when one does their jogging exercise. As noted, one burns more calories when jogging at a fast pace than the slow alternative. Also, the time and distance spent jogging has a large bearing on the amount of calories burned.

The type of jogging workout that one chooses will also highly influence the amount of calories that one burns when out jogging. For instance, a highly intensive jogging workout that physically exerts the body with inclines burns a lot more calories than one which involves no inclines whatsoever. The popular random jogging workout that is normally found on treadmills is also great for individuals who are seeking a better way to lose more calories through their jogging regime.

One great way to find out exactly how many calories are lost when one jogs is through the use of the calorie counter or the calorie calculator. There are many versions of this calculator and one of the most popular versions includes the version whereby one can input their activity, their weight as well as the duration that they spend exercising. The calculator then outputs the final result which is the amount of calories lost jogging.

Worth noting when concerning calories lost jogging is that they are easily re-assimilated into the body if one does not watch their diet. For individuals who truly want to lose calories through jogging, having the right diet is crucial to the overall progress of the exercise regime. Monitoring what you eat is just as important as performing the jogging exercise itself.

As far as the exact amount of calories lost jogging it has been found that the average individual will lose between 500 - 700 calories per hour of jogging. These figures can be a little lower or a little higher according to speed and inclines.

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