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Distance Jogging

Distance jogging can mean different things for different people. For a beginner, long distance jogging will definitely be shorter than that of a seasoned runner. Therefore there is really no definition for what it would be. However, it can be safe to say that this type of jogging will test a jogger’s fitness, physical strength and mental fitness. A great deal of attention is paid to physical fitness while mental fitness is usually not considered. It is however not uncommon to find that a person’s body may be willing to go on jogging but the mind is weak. Therefore it is equally important to focus on mental fitness while focusing on physical fitness.

Before starting distance jogging, it is imperative to get the all clear from your doctor. Your doctor will be able to determine your maximum heart rate as well as find out if you have medical conditions that may complicate your exercise plans.

Distance jogging will require practice. An individual will have to eventually build up to the target distance. It is very important to pace yourself so that you do not do too much too soon. A good way to do this is to alternate between walking and jogging as you build up endurance. In the beginning, you should do more walking than running then build up to where you are jogging at different speeds but at a faster pace.

Employing this interval method in distance jogging has the other added benefit of more fat burn. Alternating between high and low intensity running ensures that the muscles get enough oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for aerobic exercise which is the type of exercise required to burn fat and calories efficiently.

To build endurance and therefore increase the distance you can jog, you should try to increase the distance you run every week during your jogging exercise. It is however, not a good idea to increase your distance by more than 10% as this may lead to burn out and increase your chances of injury.

You should also try to support your long distance jogging aims with other work outs. You can do yoga, strength training or sprinting during the days you are not jogging long distance. These supporting exercises help to keep your body well-conditioned.

Distance jogging is excellent for burning fat and therefore for weight loss. This is because exercising longer periods, at least 15 minutes ensures that your body burns fat for fuel. Exercising for less than 15 minutes means the body uses glycogen and not fat for fuel which is not good as there is a lot of waste produced from glycogen such as lactic acid which is responsible for the soreness felt in muscles after a workout. Long distance jogging uses fat as the only source of fuel.