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Double Jogger Strollers

Double Jogger Strollers are the best thing since sliced bread if you are an active parent with two small children. For years it was a constant juggle between babies, purse, diaper bags and other paraphernalia. You would never even contemplate going jogging with both your children as conventional strollers would verve all over the place, they would bump and shake uncomfortably, and you would look an absolute spectacle.

Then came double Jogger Strollers and changed the world’s perception on what a parent who has more than one baby can and cannot do. Originally designed by an ingenious dad who was adamant in spending time with his two young sons without having to forfeit his passion of long distance jogging, Double Jogger Strollers have been around for almost 25 years. Gone are the times where you were left out of your jogging club invites. Now you have the opportunity of being as active as before while having great bonding time with your tots.

As time passed, even these revolutionary Double Jogger strollers improved exponentially. Light weight materials have been developed and incorporated, the wheels have become better and more functional and covers are weather proof. In today’s market you can pick and choose between wide varieties of Double Jogger Strollers, some of them award winning options.

Together with the ability to go jogging with your children, many Double Baby Strollers have been designed for endurance running. You have the ability to choose between on- road and off- road options, literally being able to take your children wherever you go. It has become quite a usual sight to see parents jogging with their children through parks, along neighborhood sidewalks and even in local family running events.

Most of the Double Jogger Strollers can be folded and packed in the back of a car easily and quickly. Conveniently as well, you have the ability with some to have extras which enables you to turn the seats around, elevate them, add bassinets and there is even a fashionable choice of colors to pick from. There is the added comfort of one hand operated brakes, which saves your arm sockets and backs the unnecessary stress. Plus of course, most Double Jogger Strollers come with standard issued shock breakers.

Double Jogger Strollers have however; become like the inner city 4X4’s. You have to have it, although you don’t ever use it for what it was meant to do. There is no problem with this. Your tots are comfortable, you have more maneuverability than conventional strollers and you look ever so fashionable. There is even the nifty little space underneath for that compulsory bit of shopping.

So, if you were looking for an excuse not to go running for a while and lazing around the house, your excuses have just been nulled and voided. Besides, all the fresh air and the excitement of new things dashing past them will have your children entertained and will tire them out in no time so that you can have more of the day to yourself. They will be raised with healthy parents setting healthy examples and this will be to the life long benefit of both you and your children.