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The Health Benefit of Jogging

There is not enough emphasis that can be made on the health benefit of jogging. Jogging is possibly the best form of exercise anyone can participate in. It is a cardiovascular exercise, so one of the major health benefits of jogging is weight loss.

Cardiovascular exercise is crucial for any weight loss regime because it causes calories to be burned and increases your body’s metabolic rate. A calorie deficit and high metabolism are crucial for weight loss. Jogging is one type of exercise that raises both your heart rate and respiration rate which is great for your overall health.

As mentioned earlier, the main health benefit of jogging is its improvement of the cardiobascular system. Cardiovascular exercise makes your heart stronger by building the heart’s muscles. This means the heart can pump blood further with less exertion. Respiration rate is also heightened which results in increase in lung capacity which results in an increase of the in take of oxygen with every breath you take which is also good for overall well being. This increase in the heart and respiration rate will result in increased stamina and physical endurance.

Another important health benefit of jogging is the decrease in the likelihood of developing heart disease. This is because jogging, being a cardiovascular activity, strengthens the heart muscle. The heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood and therefore is less susceptible to heart problems that occur in a weaker heart. A strong heart also reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes damage to blood vessels which may lead to heart attacks or heart disease.

Jogging may also prevent or help treat diabetes. This is one of the very interesting health benefits of jogging. Diabetes has been linked to lack of exercise and being overweight. Jogging solves both these issues as it helps one become more active and it is very effective in weight loss. Exercise is recommended for keeping diabetes at bay, and in diabetes cases jogging is used as a complementary treatment method if the doctor feels there are no medical problems to prevent it.

Still another health benefit of jogging is it is useful in controlling cholesterol levels. As it is a cardiovascular exercise, it increases the level of good cholesterol in your system which is helpful in controlling the level of bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol clogs the blood vessels and results in high blood pressure and consequently heart disease.

Other health benefits of jogging include stronger bones, because it is a weight bearing exercise and encourages increase in bone density; stronger immune system, lower body fat levels and reduction in the risk of cancer.

The health benefit of jogging is not only confined to physical well being, but also mental well-being. Jogging is said to reduce stress levels and help in combating depression. It results in the release of the happiness hormones, endorphins which heighten the sense of well-being. In most case and healthy person feels better about themselves and life in general.

Anybody can reap the health benefit of jogging. It is a simple, inexpensive and a fun exercise method that can be done alone or with friends.

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