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Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012

The health benefits of running, or jogging as some call it are large in number. Not only that, unless there is a medical condition that prevents it, anyone can participate in this great exercise program. All you need for equipment is some loose fitting clothing and a good pair of jogging shoes, so it isn't an expensive exercise to get started in.

One of the major health benefits of running is the cardiovascular improvement. How efficient your cardiovascular system is working can affect a number of your bodies important functions. According to how your heart, lungs and vascular system are performing their job of delivering oxygen to the body, your health can be helped or harmed in the following ways.

1 – When you improve your cardiovascular system your heart is naturally stronger. A strong heart is under less pressure and does not have to work as hard to pump blood to all parts of the body.

2 – One of the benefits of running is that not only your heart muscle grows stronger, but your lungs become more efficient as well. As your heart muscle strength improves your lungs are able to draw in more oxygen with each breath you take. The more oxygen your body takes in the more it has to transport to your bodies muscles which are also improved by the utilization of this oxygen.

3 – An overall healthy cardiovascular system will also reduce your blood pressure. When your blood pressure is too high it weakens the walls of the blood vessels making them more apt to hemorrhages and aneurysms. When you blood vessels become weak they cause the heart to pump harder. There is also a greater chance of a build up of fatty substances on the vessel walls which makes the heart work even harder to pump blood through veins that are getting clogged. This will in time lead to heart disease and even heart attacks.

4 – Another one of the important health benefits of running is its ability to act as a defense against diabetes. As everyone knows two of the main risk factors of diabetes is being overweight and having a sedentary lifestyle. An individual on a serious jogging program will eliminate both of these risk factors. This is especially true if they change some of their eating habits along with their jogging program. Just replacing some of those high fat, high cholesterol snacks with healthy fruit and vegetables can do wonders.

Besides the above very important health benefits of jogging there are some smaller benefits that can be just as important.

Jogging not only improves your body but your mind as well. As an individual begins seeing and feeling their body getting in better condition it not only gives them a better outlook on life in general but can greatly increase their personal self esteem. They feel that if they can accomplish the challege of getting their body in shape they can accomplish other things in life they never thought they could as well.

Studies have also shown that jogging helps you get a good nights sleep. It improves sleeping patterns and makes an individual feel more accomplished both mentally and physically at the end of the day.

There are other health benefits of running you may want to look into if you are interested in the subject. Our site contains a huge amount of information on jogging exercise and we are always adding more so come back and see us.