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Health Jogging

We all want to be healthy. That’s a fact. How we go about achieving it is another matter altogether. There are numerous ways to be healthy. Some seek the easy out – there are a lot of contraptions on the market that offer to give one a firmly toned body. Others are happy to sweat to achieve their goal. Jogging is one of the ‘sweaty’ ways one can keep healthy. It is defined as slow running where running means going steadily using springing steps in such a way that at some point in time both legs are off the ground. Health jogging falls under the vigorous exercise regimes and its benefits cannot be underestimated.

1 - Health Benefits. This is the most obvious of the health jogging benefits. Jogging improves respiratory fitness. It accomplishes this through increasing the action of the hormones and enzymes that are responsible for enabling the heart to function more efficiently.

Jogging also helps muscles to use oxygen more effectively. This in turn ensures that blood and oxygen flow efficiently through the body, a fact that decreases the occurrence of many diseases from the common cold to heart attacks. Another health benefit of jogging is toning of muscles. Though many get into jogging for weight loss purposes, it not only helps in burning fat but also firms the leg and thigh muscles to give a wonderfully toned body.

2 - Psychological benefits. Health jogging tones not only the body but the mind as well. It is a great stress reliever as it boosts the confidence of the jogger. It has been seen to even reduce mild depression and has been used in its treatment. This is because it allows the runner to focus on something else, taking of his mind his depressed state. Physical health also boosts alertness and enables one to fulfill their daily duties more efficiently.

Jogging allows the runner to feel good as he realizes what his body can conquer. During vigorous exercise such as jogging the body produces ‘feel good’ chemicals known as endorphins which give one a feeling of well being. Confidence building is even greater for those who lose weight. It gives a strong sense of achievement.

3 - Social benefits. There are people who run for socialization. It gives them an opportunity to meet other people and share with them as they train and jog. It forms an avenue for the formation networks that could develop into lasting business and social relationships. Whether jogging at the gym or around the neighborhood, you are bound to strike some great new friendships.

Jogging is an economical sport. All you need is some comfortable clothes and a good pair of jogging shoes and you are up and running; or rather jogging! In addition, no equipment or special skill is needed. You can run just about anywhere. So do not let the pounds pile up as getting rid of them is not easy. Get into a health jogging regime and enjoy all the benefits.

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