How To Jog

How To Jog

Jogging Health Information 2012

How to Jog

Jogging is an exercise anyone can do as an addition to other exercise programs or it can be used as the only exercise program. It can be participated in by people of all ages, from the very young to the very elderly. Not only is jogging great for building stamina and getting the body in condition, but studies have shown that joggers are a lot more likely to have a healthier outlook about life in general as well as more self esteem.

If you have never jogged before but would like some tips on how to jog this article should be very helpful. It will cover the basics on how and when to get started and how to begin your jogging exercise program.

1- Unless you know you are in excellent shape and have done other exercise routines lately you need to first get a physical from your doctor to make certain there are no problems that would prevent you from jogging or at least slow it down considerable.

2 – You will need some loose fitting clothing and and as good a pair of jogging shoes as you can afford. Make sure they fit well as foot blisters caused by jogging with improper shoes can put you out of commission for quite a few days. You can't learn how to jog if you can't wear shoes.

3 – Always warm up with stretching exercises before you begin jogging and cool down by slowly walking afterward. This will greatly lessen the chance of jogging injuries and pulled muscles.

4 – If you are jogging for health down do things that can make it worse. Don't jog if the weather is bad enough to cause falls or illness. Even if you know how to jog it doesn't mean you always should. If possible find a gym with a treadmill or purchase one for use when the weather doesn't permit safe jogging.

5 – Always start you first jogging session off slow and don't try to overdo it. Take a watch and time yourself and observe how far you have jogged. Then, each day go a little further until you have reached your goal. You can then start increasing your speed if you feel you are ready. Just listen to your body.

6 – You want to learn how to jog on good safe routes. Don't jog in traffic areas or unfamiliar neighborhoods. It is also good to chance your route occasionally if you feel yourself getting bored with it.

7 – I wouldn't hurt to take a water bottle you can put on your belt as well as a cell phone in case of an emergency. Accidents do happen no matter how safe you try to be and the water will keep you from dehydrating.

8 – When learning how to jog as a beginner you want to breath deeply by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Move your arms in rhythm with your body. By moving your arms it will help you keep your balance as well as burn more calories if you are jogging to lose weight.

9 – If possible learn to jog in the early morning as the air is fresher before all the automobiles get on the road. If it is not daylight when you jog wear light colored clothes so you can be seen.

I hope this article has at least been helpful if you have never jogged. We have a large number of articles on jogging and are continually adding more so come back and see us.