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If you are truly serious with your jogging exercise program, it helps to invest in good quality jogging accessories that are specifically designed to help improve your performance, prevent injuries and also last a long period of time. Often, people think that jogging is a very simple and common exercise that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on. While this is true in the most basic sense, it also helps to remember that when you are out running for hours on end for health or training for a long distance event, you owe it to yourself to buy quality running gear that will solve many of the potential issues that arise when jogging for extended periods.

To illustrate the point in more detail, it would be helpful to talk about specific jogging accessories so you can gain an appreciation as to how the right jogging gear helps simplify your life tremendously.

•Shoes. If nothing else, make sure to buy as good a pair of jogging shoes as you can afford. Your feet take a heavy pounding with every stride. Now, imagine running for an hour or more without affording your feet the proper protection that they needs? A good pair of shoes will help cushion your feet to minimize the impact forces and reduce the risk of injury. It will also provide adequate ventilation so your feet don’t overheat. The right shoes are a runner’s best friend so out of all the jogging accessories you are considering to buy, the shoes rank as the most important investment that you can make.

•Jogging apparel. You need a reliable top and running shorts in order to run comfortably. Chaffing is a very real and pressing problem with runners, and choosing the wrong type of fabric can dramatically worsen your situation. Choose a sweat-wicking fabric that dries quickly, is light, and soft enough so it doesn’t irritate your skin during those extended runs.

•Socks. The wrong pair of socks can lead to nasty blisters; ditto for opting to not wear socks at all while running. Choose a light pair that provides sufficient cushioning. You may also consider getting sweat-wicking socks, especially if you are the type of runner who regularly pours water onto your feet to cool them during the run.

•Visors and/or shades. These are not considered a necessity but are rather nice-to-have items for serious runners. Visors and shades help shield your eyes from the sun and prevent sweat from getting into your eyes.

•Sports watch. Of all the jogging accessories available on the market, the sports watch can be the most expensive, even more expensive than your running shoes. Thus, choose wisely! Think about whether you need basic watches with timer and stopwatch functions or if you’d rather have the GPS watches with heart rate monitors. Your choice can tremendously impact your budget so make sure you get that which you need.

Jogging accessories simplify the life of any runner. They are functional, provide comfort, and help keep your mind at ease so you can focus on the run. Invest in the basic running essentials so you can be guaranteed of a great run with no fashion-mishaps or subjecting yourself to unnecessary injury risks; it’s the least you can do for yourself as you struggle through what is guaranteed to be a tough workout on the road, the trails, or the treadmill.