Jogging Advantages

Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012

Jogging Advantages

When it comes to exercising, few will argue that jogging advantages make running one of the most important workouts for people of all fitness levels and health goals. Jogging is an affordable sport that is accessible to anyone who has the time and discipline to do it on a regular basis. When you mix this with all the advantages that jogging offers, it’s hard to argue why people shouldn’t learn to embrace it more, not only as a form of workout but also as a habit and lifestyle choice to help anyone become a better version of themselves.

Some of the most important jogging advantages that are familiar to most people include:

It offers one of the most efficient ways to burn calories out of many other types of exercise available to most people. A typical jogging routine can burn up to 700 calories an hour for any recreational jogger. Other forms of exercise only offer a fraction of that number for the same exercise duration. Those who are looking to lose weight by burning more calories during workouts would be pleased to know that they can burn the most calories when they jog on a regular basis.

Another of the many jogging advantages lies in the fact that jogging improves cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular fitness refers to the body’s ability to withstand physically demanding work such as climbing a flight of stairs or walking a few kilometers at a brisk pace. Those who do not engage in jogging often experience shortness of breath when performing these talks; not so for a person with improved cardiovascular fitness. Jogging for at least 30 minutes up to five times a week prepares a person’s body to perform more rigorous tasks by training the heart to efficiently pump oxygen to various parts of the body. This is important if one is to truly enjoy a higher level of fitness than what is possible without any exercise.

Jogging helps relieve stress and improves mood. An unstated benefit out of all jogging advantages lies in the fact that jogging causes the body to produce “happy hormones” like dopamine and epinephrine after a good run. These happy hormones are essential in fighting the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. People who regular jog are far less likely to be depressed than people who are caught up in a myriad of problems with no available outlet for their pent up emotions and frustrations.

Jogging gives people the opportunity to be more attuned to their environment. Runners often enjoy running amidst nature’s most beautiful sceneries. As such, most runners have a deeper appreciation for the value of fresh air, green vegetation, or a cool breeze. Anyone who wants to become closer to nature should try running outdoors to take in the sights and sounds of nature’s most breath-taking offerings.

Jogging is therapeutic. Many runners say they think best when they run. Of the many jogging advantages, this may perhaps qualify as the most underrated but is no doubt an important benefit that should be further explored by those who are looking to know themselves more.

With so many jogging advantages, there is practically no reason why people should not take up jogging. Find the time to do it at a place convenient for you and discover why so many runners have fallen in love with jogging. You never know you may just have found the long lost love that befalls the smitten jogger just as many others have; there’s only one way to find out.