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If you are thinking about starting a jogging program you are definitely on the road to good health. However, if you are new to jogging or have not done it for many years you may need a little jogging advice.

Jogging is one of the best exercises you can participate in to get both your body and mind in shape. Better still there is another positive aspect - anyone can do it. All you need to do is first check with your doctor to make sure there are no medical problems that could make it unsafe for you to jog, and if he gives you the okay head for a sporting goods store for a nice pair of jogging shoes. You are ready to go!

As far as jogging advice goes probably the most important thing I could say is to start off slow. Jogging is not an easy sport to begin with and it takes a while to get your body in condition. Many individuals get discouraged when they start off by pushing themselves too hard and try to go too far too fast. Begin with a slow pace and only jog a relatively short distance. Your body will tell you what is right for you. Always carry a watch so you can time yourself and know if you are improving. You don't have to drastically improve in a short period. Just try to improve a small amount on the day before.

Another good piece of jogging advice is to change your route occasionally. By taking a different route at times it helps to relieve the boredom that can set in by seeing the same landmarks and sights everyday. Many times people get bored with their jogging program and quit when all they needed to do was change their route or routine for a while.

When jogging you are going to use a lot of energy and burn a lot of calories. That can be great for dropping any unwanted weight or keeping in condition. However, you are going to need to replace most of those calories you are using in order to keep your energy level up. So, I guess the next jogging advice I am going to give you is to eat good nutritious meals. This is not an article on nutrition and I am not going to get into that. You just need to do a little research into the foods and snacks that will do your body the most good. Don't worry so much about dieting as nutrition. Just replacing those high calorie, high fat junk foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will work wonders for your body. You will not only look better but feel better as well.

The last jogging advice I am going to give you works for some individuals while others prefer to do it differently. That is to get friends or family members involved in your jogging routine. Some people are loners and would rather do it on their own, but for most jogging with others can really help keep things more interesting and prevent boredom. Once you get in reasonably good condition having a conversation while jogging presents no problem at all.

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