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Safety Tips For Jogging At Night

Inadequate daylight hours and busy schedules are making jogging at night the only option for more and more people who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jogging at night can be as fun as jogging during the day but it is certainly more dangerous. If you must exercise under the cover of darkness the following are a few tips you should always keep in mind.

Run against traffic - it is easier for drivers to see you and for you to see oncoming vehicles and avoid them. Try as much as possible to avoid busy roads and roads with no sidewalks or shoulders.

Take a friend along - try never to run alone. Jogging at night is not only safer in numbers but also ensures you do not get bored while exercising. If you must run alone, tell someone the route you will be taking and approximately how long you will be out running.

Wear reflective clothing - this ensures you remain visible to others such as other runners, bikers and skateboarders out at night like you who will need to be aware that you are on the road as well.

Carry your identification on you - because you are jogging at night people may mistake you for a criminal and call the police. It is important to have identification should you be stopped by a police officer who asks for it.

Carry a cell phone - to call the police or a friend should anything bad happen or you should injure yourself.

Vary your route and timings - jogging at night makes you easy prey for potential attackers who can study your jogging routine and lie in wait for you in particularly secluded and dark areas. Stay safe by being smart and unpredictable.

Pick a well-lit route - this is the safest choice as you will be able to see the road, oncoming traffic and other users and avoid potential dangers that lurk in the darkness.

Ditch your IPod - cutting off your sense of hearing while jogging at night is never a good idea. You will not hear oncoming vehicles or anything that is creeping up behind you, which leaves you at a decided disadvantage. If you must jog with music, use only one ear bud so that you can hear any potential threat.

Keep a look out for other runners, skateboarders and bikes- always be aware of other users while jogging at night in the park or on a path with no cars. Make sure the path is clear before you stop or turn around to avoid collisions and injury to yourself and others.

Keep warm - ensure your jogging outfit is made of thick enough fabric that ensures you maintain your body temperature throughout your run. Temperatures are usually lower at night.

Wear a watch - this will help you keep track of time and avoid jogging further than you intended. Losing track of time may cause unnecessary worry for your family and friends.

Remember if you must jog at night the aforementioned tips will help keep you safe. Be cautious but relax and enjoy yourself.

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