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Many recreational runners consider a jogging belt as just another unnecessary accessory to running. However, if you are truly serious with mastering the intermediate to long distance running discipline, you will quickly find that jogging belts are your best friend. Consider; would you rather carry a bottle for an hour or more on the road or trade the bottle for a jogging belt that allows you to comfortably run without compromising your hydration? If you’ve been there, this is not actually a hard choice to make.

The perfect jogging belt is designed to carry enough hydration fluids to sustain you for a target distance after which you can make another pit stop to refuel your hydration bottles. The typical jogging belt should be sufficient to carry about 1 liter of fluid that is good for about an hour of running at intermediate pace. Recent designs break this into 2 or more hydration bottles to evenly distribute the weight around your waist so it does not impede your motion significantly.

There are also other considerations that will allow you to pick the best jogging belt for your needs.

The belt has to fit snugly without being too restrictive. Make sure to fit the belt at the store before deciding to buy it so you know if it is comfortable enough or if it limits your range of motion while running.

Your chosen jogging belt should have a pouch where you can stash loose change or other important things you need during the run. A salt packet or a hydration gel can prove very useful for longer runs and having a pouch to stash a packet or two will help you continue with long training runs by purely relying on your jogging belt.

It is also important to have reflectorized strips on your jogging belt. When running in the dark, compromised visibility can put you in danger such as the risk of being run over by a passing car. Reflectorized strips enhance your visibility so you can run in the dark while still ensuring that you can will be seen by passing vehicles.

A great jogging belt need not be expensive. The most famous brands often put a premium price on their products so the prices can be quite steep. However, there are worthy substitutes at very reasonable prices. Find time to visit running specialty stores for a wider selection so you can find good brands that may not be mainstream but are popular among serious runners.

The jogging belt is a great addition to your running gear, especially when you take up the decision to commit to running seriously. On it, you will be able to stock all that you need for the long haul, literally and figuratively. Buy one today and open new doors in your jogging routine and let your jogging belt take you places in your pursuit of a serious jogging and fitness goal.