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Jogging Bras

Jogging bras are one of the most important running accessories for women. Sadly, it’s an accessory that is largely overshadowed by the buzz of many other running accessories such as running shoes, compression apparel and hydration equipment. Because of this, not many women pay much attention to jogging bras until they inadvertently realize its importance after some unpleasant experiences along the way.

To understand the importance of jogging bras, it is helpful to create an analogy by looking at the importance of running shoes to the feet.

Believe it or not there are schools of thought that advise barefoot running or running with minimalist shoes; these are discussions best left for another day. Discounting these philosophies aside, shoes are important because they provide cushioning and protection from the repetitive pounding that the feet takes with every stride. When one runs, the feet are exposed to more jarring forces than when one walks. Failure to protect the body from these forces can quickly lead to all sorts of injuries that can derail one’s running dream.

Jogging bras work in much the same way, albeit protecting a different part of the body. Women’s breasts are particularly susceptible to the bouncing motion inherently experienced when one runs. Poor selection of jogging bras often lead to various kinds of pain that affects the area just under the breast, the upper back, the shoulders, and the breast themselves. Wrong jogging bra choices also affect one’s running routine because when the breast bounce too much, women runners end up focusing on the discomfort that the bouncing motion creates as opposed to zeroing in on their jogging exercise. For a competitive runner trying to beat a personal best, this can be very frustrating.

The problem is that there are no universal guidelines for choosing the right jogging bra, although there are many helpful suggestions that we can look at. The first and most important is the type of bra that you are buying. It’s not mandatory to buy expensive sports bras, although these can certainly help solve many of the problems associated with the bouncing motion. If you cannot get a sports bra specifically designed for running, you can still wear a regular bra provided it does not have an underwire support which can become an even greater source of pain and discomfort.

The size of the bra is also critical. You don’t want jogging bras that are too loose but you also don’t want jogging bras that are too tight. The rule is to fit the bra before buying in order to have a feel for the suitability of the size. Try jumping around and see if it provides adequate support. If it doesn’t try looking at another option; you have to be comfortable in the right jogging bra before opting to purchase it.

As a last note on jogging bras, the material is also important. You want to have breathable materials that will provide sufficient ventilation. Sweat-wicking materials are also favorable. These can be costly, but given the importance of jogging bras you would be well-advised to invest wisely so as to avoid the discomfort of a poor fitting bra that plagues many runners on a daily basis. The pain of an incorrect jogging bra has sadly made many ladies give up this really healthy hobby.