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If you’re starting to feel that your running workouts are becoming a bore, you may want to consider getting a jogging buddy. Though running alone can be fulfilling, you have to admit there are days that call for someone give you a little encouragement. That’s where a jogging buddy can be extremely beneficial and it’s something that you should consider to add a little fun to your running program.

So, what sorts of benefits can you expect to get by enlisting a jogging buddy? Allow us to count the ways.

Having someone to jog with is a perfect source of motivation. Whenever you feel too lazy to get up for a morning run, a jogging partner provides plenty of incentive for you to get out of bed and lace it up. And more so if you’re planning to run with someone you like; no wants to disappoint a guy or girl that you have a crush on by not showing up for a planned morning or afternoon run. In that regard, you can be confident that your new jogging buddy will get you to the meeting location ready for a nice run.

A jogging buddy can also help push you to your limits with a little bit of friendly competition. It’s a basic human quality; we always tend to do better when we have someone around than if we were doing something by ourselves. Better yet, one can add a little fire to the equation by doing mini-contests that help push jogging workouts to a higher level. Who gets to run the faster mile? Who can do a faster 100-meter dash on the track? Who can get to the top of the hill first? These are small but intangible elements of a productive and successful workout and it’s only possible when you run with a friend who can motivate you to reach beyond your limits and help you realize significant improvements in your fitness and health goals.

Having a friend to jog alongside you helps you tick off the miles quicker, figuratively speaking, of course. Jogging buddies are great for mini-competition but they are great for conversations too. No mile is too dull when you run it with a person that you genuinely like and have a relationship with. You can talk about all sorts of things including family affairs, sports, favorite music or movies and anything else that comes to mind. Never discount the power of good conversation to help you complete even the hardest of your jogging routines.

A good jogging buddy can be a vital component of a great running program and many will profess to its usefulness and practicality. If you are bored with jogging alone, perhaps it’s time to pick-up the phone and give someone a call and ask if they would like to go jogging with you on your next workout.