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Jogging clothes simply refer to the attire worn while you are participating in jogging exercises. Over the years, many people have often underscored the importance of jogging clothes. Even at present, many people still wonder whether the type of jogging clothes you wear are of any important. Is there any consequence related to going out jogging without proper jogging clothes? Indeed, some people often risk their lives by undertaking their jogging exercises without proper jogging clothes and equipment.

Jogging Shoes: If the incorrect type of shoes is worn while jogging, there are high risks of injuries and fatalities. When selecting shoes as part of your jogging clothes, it is advisable to select comfortable and well cushioned shoes that are properly fitting and match how you run. Flat shoe are the best and you should also consider light shoes so as not to have additional extra weight on your legs while you are jogging. Good jogging shoes as part of your jogging clothes, will ensure you enjoy jogging and reduce risks of jogging accidents.

Jogging Clothes: While choosing your jogging clothes, it is advisable not to overdress. Wear light clothes that are loosely fitting and have the capacity to allow for aeration of the body and absorption of the sweat. This ensures that you stay dry and comfortable as you jog. Women should look for a comfortable bra and it is more advisable to wear a light T-shirt and shorts as opposed to long trousers. When jogging at night be sure to wear light colored clothes and have some sort of reflector or light so oncoming vehicles can clearly see you. Wearing dark clothes at night on a street or road with traffic is just asking for an accident.

Socks: Wearing the wrong type of socks, that is socks that are purely cotton or badly worn, as part of your jogging clothes is not advisable as they will lead to blisters on your feet. Instead, look for synthetic socks as these will aid in absorbing the sweat and help in the prevention of blister related friction while you are jogging.

Once used, Jogging clothes should be washed to get rid of the body sweat. Washing of jogging clothes should be done using cold and not hot water. Also, they should never be dry cleaned and never be bleached as this will definitely ruin them or shorten their lifespan. In case you have to iron your jogging clothes, it is advisable to use a cool iron only. It is a good idea to replace any of your worn out jogging clothes, especially shoes and socks. Running with old shoes increases your chances of encountering accidents such as falling, while old worn out socks increases the chance for blisters.

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