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Choosing Your Jogging Clothing

If you are considering keeping a regular jogging routine, then having the right jogging clothing is just as important as deciding where you can safely run.

The purpose of clothes extends beyond just looking good while you are on the run; the right set of clothes can actually ensure that you remain comfortable even if you are huffing and puffing as you give it your all. Conversely, selecting the wrong jogging clothing can easily transform your run from a refreshing workout to a complete disaster. Pay attention to the following considerations the next time you head to a specialty store to purchase your next set of jogging clothing.

The foremost consideration for anyone looking to buy jogging clothing is comfort. You never want your clothes to be too tight to constrict movement nor too loose to just flop around while you run.

When shopping for jogging clothing, make sure to fit your selections before you actually take them to the counter. Do not solely rely on the Small-Medium-Large scale to do the picking for you as different brand and different styles can easily lead to different fitting clothes. Take your time shopping, even simulating some running moves and form to determine how the clothing fits you better. This will allow you to have an idea of how the clothes will perform during a run.

An equally important consideration that people tend to forget is wettability and sweat retention. Sporting apparel brands have gone out of their way to develop sweat-wicking clothes so you remain your absolute best while running. Trademark cloth names like DryFit and ClimaCool are now standard in the jogging clothing industry. While these brands cost a little more than your average shopping apparel, they ensure you feel fresher for longer periods by absorbing the sweat and releasing it into the air quickly through evaporation. This means that your body won’t have to endure the pains of being wet the whole time you are running.

Compared to clothes that are not designed for running and other sporting activities such as those made from polyester and cotton, you will last longer and won’t get weighed down by your jogging clothing using the appropriate cloth technology.

There are also chaffing considerations that are important if you plan to run beyond an hour. Sleeveless shirts are best for comfort and ventilation but they also present the risk of chaffing burns in your armpits as your hand moves back-and-forth during the running motion. Pick a good cloth that does not lead to these kinds of burns. The same can also be said of your groin area if you pick too loose or too tight shorts.

Jogging clothing is a big business precisely because there are strict considerations for one looking to be a serious jogger or runner. Choose well and you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable; choose poorly and you will realize how quickly a good run can turn into a disaster of near epic proportions. Remember that the clothes do not make the man or woman, but they can make all the difference between a good run and a bad one.

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