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If you’re a runner, who wants to involve yourself in jogging competition, this article can provide information of value as you prepare for your first event. If you’re an accomplished runner who already participates as a contender in jogging competition, this article is for you as well.

Some runners who jog regularly find that the natural next step for them is participating in jogging competition. Common competitive events for runners are 5K or three-mile run; half marathon or 13.1-mile run; and full marathon or 26.2-mile run.

Surveys indicate that most runners who enter a marathon are unsuccessful in their first effort. Many reasons can be given for this breakdown, but the #1 explanation for first-timers’ failure to complete a full marathon is their lack of motivation to endure to the finish line of the 26.2-mile event.

Other than physical conditioning and training, an essential ingredient in the ability to finish a marathon, a component that you might have overlooked, is your mindset. The winning mindset constantly focuses on or visualizes the finish line. Practicing actually “seeing” yourself crossing the goal line can be your driving force when you’re tired and starting to lose motivation.

If the jogging competition that intrigues you the most happens to be a full marathon, plan on a training period of three to six months to make your dream a reality. You will need a longer training period if you’re not already in moderately good physical condition.

As discussed earlier, the first step toward achieving your goal of finishing a marathon is to really be able to visualize in your mind a picture of yourself finishing the race.

Next, during the hours, days, and weeks that you’re training for your jogging competition, you need to decide what your ultimate goal is. For example, do you want to - just cross the finish line - beat your personal best time - cross the finish line in a specified number of hours and minutes?

After determining your ultimate goal, put your visualization skills to work again until you can really “see” yourself accomplishing your greatest goal.

Even though you’ll probably begin your preparation with the best of intentions, your enthusiasm can start to fade over the months of training. If you feel you’re losing your motivation or focus, go back to square one and visualize yourself stepping across the finish line.

Eventually the time of your practice runs will need to equal or exceed your desired marathon finish time at least three days per week. This will train your body to endure the whole distance without breaking down.

Even if you don't run in a competition, be sure and check out our website for all the health benefits jogging exercise has to help you lead a longer, healthier life.