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Many amateur joggers do not know the importance of jogging equipment. One should always have the proper shoes and clothing to fit the jogging surface as well as the weather. Most people jog for health reasons, but jogging can actually be hard on your body if it is not done correctly and with the correct equipment.

Even though jogging is one of the best and most enjoyable exercises there is, it is not totally risk free. You should know your limitations and stay well within them. Always do warmup exercises, and if you haven't jogged for a while, start of with short, easy runs until you get back in shape. Many of the medical problems that occur to joggers, are to those who think they can start their first day at the same pace they could do when they were 10 years younger. This is very dangerous thinking.

Though many do it, jogging on concrete can be very hard on the body. It can cause inflamed knee joints and even shin splints. There is also a higher danger of injuries caused by falling on the hard surface, especially when there is water or icy conditions. In order to help prevent these injuries, you must own a pair of high quality running shoes.

The most important piece of jogging equipment a runner has is his or her running shoes. When shopping for your jogging shoes do not just walk in a shoe store and buy a pair of tennis shoes. If possible, go to a store that specializes in jogging equipment. The salesperson can help you pick out a pair of jogging shoes that is right for you and your particular needs.

There are two types of jogging shoes, so before you buy you need to decide what sort of surface you are going to be running on. There are trail jogging shoes and road jogging shoes, and they both have different characteristics. Trail jogging shoes are usually thicker and sturdier to protect the feet from the uneven terrain surface of dirt trails. The road jogging shoes are usually a little lighter, but have lots of cushion to protect the feet from the flat hard surface of concrete.

When trying on your shoes, be sure to wear the same type socks you will be wearing when your are jogging. There should be a little room in the toes, but the shoe should otherwise fit snugly and the heel should not be able to slide up and down at all.

Another important piece of jogging equipment is the socks. Many runners make the mistake of going with cotton socks. This is a poor choice for jogging. They will make your feet sweat and cause blisters on hot days. The best jogging socks are polyester or acrylic as they will wick away moisture. If you are prone to blisters, you might try double layered socks for added protection.

When picking your running clothes, select them carefully as they are another important piece of jogging equipment. You need clothes that breathe and do not restrict you movement. Most sports shops now have specially designed tops and bottoms for joggers that are made of moisture management synthetics.

Many people jog for their health and then use jogging equipment that can cause injury or make them sick. Always dress for the occasion. This includes jogging. Don't go out in icy cold weather under clothed and get sick. Gloves and a hat might be needed jogging equipment at times. If you are a woman, you should always wear sports bras for support and to prevent bouncing.

Although specially designed clothes and shoes are all the jogging equipment you need, there are also a few gadgets you might want to add.

Listening to your favorite music can make jogging more enjoyable, so don't forget those CDs and MP3 player. If you are jogging for weight loss, you might want to purchase jogging calculator. It will be able to tell you how many calories you are burning and how far you are running.

There are also heart rate monitors available to joggers who want to feel they are really on top of their training. These monitors can tell a jogger if they need to ease up or pick up the pace. They are also an accurate guide to cardiovascular conditioning and can give the runner numbers and charts.

Yes, jogging equipment can be very important to a jogger to help prevent injuries and illnesses. Pick your equipment carefully, take it easy on your first day and good luck on your training.