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Jogging For Exercise Without Getting Bored

Jogging is one of the most practiced aerobic activities in the world. Most people jog for fun while others just practice jogging for exercise benefits such as losing weight. Jogging as a physical activity requires the jogger to have a high stamina to keep pace with the routine. Unfortunately, building up stamina to maintain this pace can be quite tiring and boring and most people tend to quite jogging after only a few days into the program.

So the question on everyone’s mind at this point is how does one maintain jogging for exercise without becoming burnout or bored? The answer is simple, start out small. If your body is not used to regular exercise, it is likely to take sometime in adapting to an exercise routine. Say your goal is to jog for at least 30 minutes. Don’t just go out and immediately push your body towards jogging for thirty minutes. Start by taking a day or two to stretch out your muscles and walk the 30 minutes. Then slowly build this up by finishing the walk in shorter time intervals. As you do so your body becomes more accustomed to harder work loads.

After a week of doing quick walks or slow jogs, try to pick up the pace once more. As you do so you will realize that you are able to jog or walk at a very fast pace for much longer than when you started out. When beginning your jogging for exercise, mix it up with a bit of power walking so as to make your body get used to it.

Jogging for about 30 minutes each day can see one burn about 300 calories each day. Jog for longer than 30 minutes and lose more. The key to losing weight while jogging is consistency. Many people often quit after a few days with most reasons being that they are not seeing any results. What most don’ know is that the body takes up to 4 weeks to show any signs of weight loss. Granted, being consistent during your jogging can be quite difficult as one tends to become bored. However, this need not be so.

If your routine is boring, mix it up a little. Take your daily jog along a different path than the one normally used. Carry your I-Pod with you to keep your mind off your boredom. Better yet, go for daily jog with a friend. Having a friend with you can help you keep your mind off trivial things such as being bored and actual sharpens your concentration while jogging. All these methods are great for helping one to maintain consistency.

So what are the benefits of jogging for exercise? Everyone knows that jogging is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape, but it goes much farther than that. Studies have indicated that jogging for exercise or running strengthens the body’s bones over time. Moreover, it reduces aging as the exercise encourages the body to produce its natural growth hormone, thus giving the jogger a younger appearance.

Jogging for exercise is not just healthy; it is a way of life. Jogging has so many benefits that only the jogger can fully reap. With just a little investigation on the internet you will find that jogging exercise has a large number of health benefits you may be unaware of.

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