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Jogging For Fitness

Jogging is an excellent type of exercise. It is not only inexpensive (as no equipment is required), it also requires no special skills. It is therefore very easy to learn how to jog effectively and efficiently. Many people are jogging to lose weight but some are jogging for fitness.

Jogging for fitness can be more fun than jogging to lose weight as the latter seems more of a chore. However, the secret to enjoying your jogging sessions is to do it right and keep yourself motivated.

If you are a beginner and have never jogged before, before embarking on a jogging for fitness program, it is a good idea to start walking first. You should walk for a while, maybe a couple of weeks to help your body acclimatize to the new physical activity. Starting slow reduces your chances of getting injured, which is a big de-motivator.

Before embarking on your jogging for fitness program, it is a good idea to consult a physician. A doctor should be able to help you determine your physical condition and fitness level so as to give some advice as to the intensity of the exercise program you should start with.

After determining your fitness level, you should draw up a jogging program. A schedule helps to keep you motivated so that you can jog with consistency. Consistency ensures that you achieve your fitness goals. You should try as much as possible to include some variety in your jogging program so as to keep away boredom. You can vary your jogging route, distance, speed as well as duration.

A good jogging for fitness program should have you jogging at least 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes at a minimum. You should jog on alternating days to allow your body to recover from the exercise. Your program should also incorporate a warm up period before jogging and a stretching period after.

You should acquire a good pair of running shoes and also consider buying a stop watch and a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor helps you keep tabs of your heart rate (how fast your heart is beating) as you jog. If you are jogging for fitness, you should always run at about 65% to 75% of your maximum heart rate (your doctor should be able to help you determine your maximum heart rate). At these percentages, you are giving your heart a good workout without taxing it too much. As you get fitter, you will find that it will take you longer to raise your heart rate.

Jogging for fitness has several other benefits (besides fitness). These benefits include stress relief, improved sleep, stronger bones and muscles as well as strengthening the immune system. Jogging will also improve a poor appetite. Of course there are very few individuals who have followed a consistent jogging program for any length of time who have weight problems.