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JOGGING FOR WEIGHT LOSS - watch the pounds stay off

Jogging for weight loss is not only a way to lose weight, but it is an efficient one. Of course the preference is to use jogging to maintain weight once it is lost and to combine your jogging with healthy eating. To jog two miles then go home and eat a full meal deal breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage fried potatoes, boy that sounds good . . . but. Get the point?

For example it’s not good to jog on an empty stomach, neither is it good to jog on a full stomach. So instead of waiting for that big breakfast after the workout, start out with orange juice and a slice of toast or bowl of cereal. Then go for a jog. If you are hungry when you get home, have a coffee and a bran muffin jogging for weight loss can be good, but everything else should go along with it.

Jogging has its caution side. If you don’t wear the correct footwear you will feel every step jar all the way up your body to the top of your head like a rebounding hard rubber ball. Think about what that does to your spine? And the rest of your body. Who knows, maybe it affects the brain? For safe and comfortable jogging you should have the proper footwear, runners that protect your body from the jarring and vibrating feedback. It’s like stepping down a step that isn’t there. Jogging to lose weight can be debatable. If you are overweight, jogging may cause injuries to your body if you don’t jog on a regular basis, and for a beginner this could be bad news. Like sprained ankles, or even broken limbs.

Jogging for weight loss is a taken for granted thing, but you can’t lose weight in a healthy way just jogging. Thinking, “oh if I jog for two miles a day I will lose ten pounds a week”, combined with the right eating, yes, you will. The exercise is good, but if you don’t follow a ritual it isn’t any good. Drink lots of water while you are running, it gives you more energy and saves dehydration. Wear comfortable unrestrictive clothing, something that doesn’t retain perspiration but is aerated. If you are a woman, a sports bra would be the best option for support and comfort. If you are going to jog to lose weight, do it right.

Stretching to begin and at the end of your run is important. It loosens the muscles and prepares them for the exercise, then it tones them down and relaxes them.

If you are determined to lose weight and maintain a better lifestyle, you should schedule your jogging for the same time each day. That can sometimes be difficult, but it regulates your body and along with the other routine things in your life, your body becomes used to that scheduled time. It’s sort of like this little story “Well, I feed the birds at ten every morning, but today I’m not feeding them ‘til three. They are all sitting around thinking ‘what the heck is going on?’ ” Again, get the point?

Jogging for weight loss is successful if accompanied with the correct diet. And the right diet accompanied with exercise. Jogging can help maintain that better looking and healthy body.

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