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Jogging Health Information 2012


Many times undertaking a physical activity has been emphasized as a healthy activity to people of all ages. When explained, jogging is both a fun and healthy activity in which the participants run at a slow consistent pace, possibly accelerating steadily but never letting it turn into a run. Most joggers do use clothing and other items that could be discribed as jogging gear.

Those involved in the sport say they derive many physical and spiritual benefits from jogging. It improves respiration, strengthens the cardiovascular system, burns up calories for a healthy body and promotes healthy living. Another benefit is the social one. While out jogging people meet new and interesting people, many of which become friends.

Being a vigorous work out situation, participants need to dress in appropriate jogging gear. An absorbent material should be used, loose fitting to allow for flexing and free movement. We are not suggesting wearing baggy clothes here. The clothes are just loosely fitting, not tight at all. There are tracksuits availed for this use.

Investing in a good pair of jogging shoes could be considered as one of the most important purchase you will make when it comes to jogging gear. Shoes can go a long way in keeping any person comfortable.

A good jogging shoe is wide in the toe box to allow the foot to flex and roll round with each step. The sole should be a rubber one to allow for the round angle movement. This abates danger of injuring the feet and it distributes weight to all parts of the foot. This type of shoe can be the ordinary sports shoe fitted with the special insoles made for that purpose or better, a special made jogging shoe. It is not the most economical, but it is the best way to keep the feet jogging for more years and stay in their natural good condition.

Since it is an all weather activity, it goes without saying that the purchase should be a closed pair of shoes to keep the foot shielded from dust or water while jogging. The closed pair of shoes with the aired toe box is especially nice and will be comfortable for the foot and body in general.

We have given the feet a lot of attention and they deserve it. They carry all the weight that your body exerts downward and if not well distributed, it could result in injury or long term effects on the joints.

Summary - The body should be adorned with sports attire - soft cotton material or the high technology wear that is known to be absorbent, soft and easy to clean. Static electricity often present in nylon rules it out. Jerseys, trousers and shorts are all readily available from sports outlets. The size, as mentioned should be keenly observed to leave room for stretching and free movement during the work out. Cheap, ill-fitted shoes should especially be avoided. They would do more harm than good.

The mentioned jogging gear is not only good for joggers but can apply to related activities such as brisk walking and running.

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