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If you are new to recreational running, having a jogging guide can be a major advantage to help you master the intricacies of a run. There are many newbies out there who find themselves in all sorts of trouble because they are not well acquainted with the elements that can make their running successful. Conversely, knowing these elements beforehand, right before you step on the curb for your first few kilometers or miles, can make a difference between “running away from jogging” or wanting to do it again.

What follows in the next paragraphs are the basic elements of what a jogging guide should contain. Of course, more extensive jogging guides will have more time to discuss all of these elements but in the interest of brevity, here are a few things newbie runners should quickly learn about:

Apparel selection. This primarily depends on whether you are running outdoors or indoors on a treadmill. Likewise, the weather is also a very important consideration when picking which clothes to wear. In the summer months, light breathable clothing made from high-tech fabrics is great as it is able to quickly remove the sweat from your body and then evaporate it into the atmosphere. In colder months, layering your clothing is the best available strategy to ensure proper apparel selection. It will take a few jogging routines to determine your preference for layered clothing but as a jogging guide, wear light clothing inside and then layer with thicker jackets that you can peel off and tie to your waist when you start feeling too hot from the run.

Shoe selection. No jogging guide is complete without dedicating a section to shoe selection. Shoes are to runners what a basketball is to a basketball player and a baseball bat is to a baseball player. You get the gist! It is very important not only to cushion your feet but also to ensure that your biomechanics are not worsened by the wrong shoe.

One can head out to running specialty stores to determine their stride type and then use this information to buy the right shoe for their stride. Runners may also opt to bring their old shoe in during the fitting, as a guide, although this may not be necessary if there is a gait analysis machine in the store to help determine the stride type.

Hydration. Water and fluids are a runner’s best friend. Without it, one’s performance can degrade very quickly and excessive cases of dehydration can even be fatal. Conversely, over-hydrating also has its fair share of nasty effects like feeling bloated. Take the time to learn your hydration patterns and preferences and use this knowledge as you run longer distances.

A jogging guide is an indispensable tool that will help runners take note of the most important considerations in their jogging routine. This should not be taken for granted. Further, it is only fair that as joggers progress, they look for information that can help them make decisions concerning training plans, running routes, suggestions on when to run, what to eat before a run, and other accessories like a reflectorized vest or a headlight. While jogging exercise is a fairly easy sport, there are considerations that need to be kept in mind in order to ensure that the runner is always safe, comfortable, and well-equipped for a great jogging experience.