Jogging Health Benefits

Jogging Benefits

Jogging Health Information 2012

Jogging is one of the simplest activities a person can do. Everybody has to learn to walk as a child, yet, after that, running seems to come instinctually. And it is great for us that it is so. Simple cardiovascular exercise that most healthy people can do any time is only one of many jogging health benefits.

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body; without it your brain quickly runs out of oxygen. Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in America. Cardiovascular exercise has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. Running is a fun and easy way to get your heart pumping and live a longer life.

The health benefits of jogging also include improved respiratory function. People who jog regularly have been found to utilize oxygen as much as three times more efficiently than people who do not. While this is great for the health of your lungs, it is also great for the way you live your life; The ability to move about without exhausting yourself allows you to accomplish much more throughout the day and to participate in more activities.

The very act of getting regular exercise is very important to the body, the brain, and their normal functions. People are simply happier when they are not sedentary, and jogging offers an exciting way to get exercise. It is easy to keep from getting bored because you are not restricted to a gym or exercise room; you can jog along any route you choose for a change of scenery—yet another of the health benefits of jogging.

Besides the physical health benefits of jogging, there are also social benefits. Since jogging is such an easily accessible hobby that just about anyone can do, new joggers are often surprised at how many fellow joggers they share interests with. Local gyms and jogging paths are great places to meet new people. Many people jog for similar reasons, so genuine conversation is not usually hard to strike up.

Another of many great jogging health benefits is that it offers a very healthy and effective way to lose weight. Obesity has been linked to many threatening health conditions, like heart problems, high cholesterol, and diabetes. There are plenty of unhealthy ways to lose weight on the market, but jogging is free, and it is guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel great if you also practice healthy eating habits.

Running can also have a positive impact on the people close to you. People who are not close to anyone who runs are far less likely to run. By being the one to take up the hobby, you could change your child’s or parent’s life forever for the better. And living a longer life with the people you love is certainly good for your health.

In addition to all these jogging health benefits, people who regularly jog or get some other form of exercise are less likely to smoke cigarettes or abuse other substances. Many people find jogging to be as relaxing as smoking or drinking, and, indeed, jogging releases endorphins that cause what some people call a “runner’s high,” which is entirely healthy, and actually good for you. Whether you use jogging as a way to relax or as a way to take out frustration, the health benefits are undeniable.

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