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Looking At Jogging Health Benefits

When looking for a form of exercise that is easy to do and packs a host of healthy benefits, you can count on professionals to offer jogging as one of the easy alternatives. Joggers are a common fixture in many parks and public places early in the morning or late in the afternoon but many continue to underestimate the jogging health benefits that have long been advocated by fitness professionals and doctors alike.

The first of many jogging health benefits is that of a healthy cardiovascular system. Bringing one’s heart rate to an elevated level on a regular basis helps to build strong heart muscles by teaching the heart to cope up with increased blood flow. Stronger heart muscles mean that the heart is less susceptible to stressors allowing it to function at a steady level despite the various situations you come across every day.

People who regularly jog are less prone to high blood pressure than those who are never subjected to exercising precisely because the heart is used to coping with these instances where more work is demanded from the heart. Not surprisingly, doctors recommend jogging as a critical component in the exercise routines of people looking to recover from a heart bypass surgery. Of course you do not want to start jogging until you have the doctor's okay.

The increased cardiovascular activity also has another benefit in the form of a “cleaning effect” on the arterial walls. One of the most underrated jogging health benefits is that increased blood flow actual helps to wash soft plaque build-up in the arterial walls of the heart before they harden and cause atherosclerosis eventually leading to a heart attack.

Jogging also increases one’s metabolism by burning more fat so that instead of being deposited in arterial walls, they are simply consumed by the body’s natural fat burning processes. People who follow a regular jogging routine have a lower risk level to fat-related illnesses compared to sedentary people with exactly the same diet.

Perhaps the best known of the many jogging health benefits is a direct consequence of the higher metabolic rate that comes from regular jogging. People with a jogging routine can burn more than 800 more calories per day than those who are totally devoid of any exercise regimen. That means that for the same calorie intake, joggers tend to be slimmer and more physically fit. Better yet, a slimmer physique lowers the risk towards typical lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.

The link between heart attack, high blood pressure and jogging might already be established but many people are not aware that this benefit also extends to diabetes. This just goes to show that jogging health benefits extend beyond the obvious and that a regular routine can be so much more effective than initially expected.

Fitness professionals and doctors agree that a little jogging is still better than no jogging at all. People who do not engage in jogging believe they have too little time for exercise because they are busy with other things. However a 30 minute jog or brisk walk during lunch time or early in the morning already opens the opportunities to the many jogging health benefits compared to not doing anything at all.

For best results, jogging at least three times a week for thirty minutes or more per session lowers the risk of lifestyle diseases by up to 30 percent, and when combined with other lifestyle choices like refraining from smoking, excessive drinking, sleeplessness and stress can dramatically improve your health and your projected lifespan. Since jogging, a very simple activity, does these things and more is a testament to the value of exercising as a tool for health.

So put on your running shoes today and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing hour on the road, in a park, or even on the treadmill. Jogging health benefits are just within your reach; don’t let a longer and healthier life slip away without even trying.