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How Effective is Jogging in Place

You may wonder whether jogging in place is effective or even beneficial. Certainly this type of jogging may not burn as many calories as normal jogging but it is an easy and convenient way to stay in shape if no other options are available. Reasons people take up this form of exercise include, having no time for an intense work out, bad weather or just lack of motivation to hit the gym.

Jogging in place has several advantages. It is really easy and simple as it does not require lots of space (just enough leg room) and there are no moves to remember. You can jog while watching TV or listening to music; at home, at work, at a park or anywhere you choose.

Jogging in place is very economical as it does not require expensive exercise equipment, gym membership or the services of a professional trainer. The risk of injury is also relatively low as you exercise at your own pace, can do it in your home or office and speed up or slow down when you feel your body needs it. For these reasons you may be more likely to stick to your exercise regime.

Jogging in place also has all the benefits of other aerobic exercises. Generally normal jogging burns more calories because the muscles are worked more intensely as your feet repeatedly push off the ground as you run as opposed to only lifting your legs as you jog in place. However depending on the intensity and length of your workout, you could burn the same amount of calories as you would with normal jogging.

Intensity and variation is very important when jogging in place to ensure you burn maximum calories. You need to jog in place for at least an hour a day, but you can break this into 5, 10, or 20 minute sessions depending on your schedule. Lifting your legs as high as possible with every step thus making the exercise more difficult, or holding a weight such as a medicine ball at chest level as you jog will increase the intensity of your exercise. You could also rotate your torso, dance, shadow or Thai box as you jog in place to put some pep into your work out.

Jogging in place is also a great warm-up (as it stretches muscles and raises heart rate) as well as transition (as it gently allows your body to recover between exercises or sets) exercise.

Jogging in place is often overlooked and downplayed as being too simple and unglamorous but it is actually a very excellent mini work-out. So stand up wherever you are and start jogging; it is as simple as that. It can be an effective way to burn calories and attain cardiovascular fitness. But if it’s your only mode of exercise it must be done regularly and for a little longer period than regular jogging.