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Jogging In Water

Jogging in water, or aqua jogging, is a jogging method that is gaining in popularity. This is because jogging in water is a low impact version of traditional jogging on a hard surface. Therefore, this type of jogging is excellent for people who have low back issues, joint issues or for people who are recovering from injury. If done under proper supervision, pregnant women can also participate in this form of jogging. This type of jogging originated in Germany and was further developed in America by the U.S. Marines.

Jogging in water is also good for cross training and as a recovery workout. The buoyancy of the water significantly reduces a jogger’s body weight which helps ease impact on the joints. It also provides some extra resistance which leads to a more effective workout.

There are also a number of other benefits from jogging in water. Aqua jogging necessitates even and gentle movements that are made in harmony due to the water resistance. This mean many muscle groups in the arms, chest and legs must be used to promote these harmonious movements. The use of many muscle groups at once is a more effective workout that burns more calories and heightens metabolism. The calorie burned while aqua jogging are more than those burned while jogging on a hard surface.

The buoyancy and resistance of the water when a person is jogging in water increases agility and mobility. This results in increased balance and coordination. Also, there is an increase in the condition and the power in the muscles.

It is very important to maintain the proper form while jogging in water so as to reap its benefits. You need to keep your back straight, shoulders back and chest up, just like you would in ordinary jogging. Your arms should be kept parallel to the body. Getting the right form may take some practice and you may benefit from the advice of an instructor or coach.

Just like with traditional jogging, you need to warm up for at least 3 minutes before starting your aqua jogging session. You can warm up by swimming a few lengths in the pool or treading water. After your jogging session, you should also cool down perhaps by swimming leisurely for a few minutes.

Jogging in water is usually in waist deep or chest deep water. However, some people jog in much deeper water but must use some type of floatation device so as not to drown. The floatation device is the only gear, besides your swimming suit, you will need as aqua jogging does not require shoes. Beginners should take it slowly as this type of workout can be very exhausting. You should still drink plenty of water inspite of the fact that you will not be sweaty while jogging in the water.