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Choosing Your Jogging Outfit?

A jogging outfit should be comfortable, practical and functional. It should allow ease in movement and perfectly absorb sweat. However, it should not be too loose as your jogging outfit will flap around as one moves creating an annoying wind resistance and noise.

Jogging attire should adequately comply with the weather condition. This goes hand in hand with the type of fabric used to make the jogging outfit it should perfectly fit the climatic needs. Moreover, with the increased array of jogging attire designs, color and fabric individuals have the opportunity of looking good while jogging. This is in contrast to a few years back where only old tracksuits were used for jogging. Also, the undergarments for both women and men should be comfortable to enable them engage in any sports activity. For instance, women should wear sports bra to ensure they get a firm support for their breasts.

Individuals that reside in areas with cold weather should purchase jogging attire that will cover their body fully from head to toe. The hood chosen should be double layered with a convertible collar that has a turtleneck and zip pockets. The jogging suit should be made from a thick fabric containing a knit structure that is compact to lock in warmth. Moreover, jogging suits made from fabrics that have double-knit structures are highly recommended since they have the capability of resisting wrinkles and are very firm. In addition, knit fabrics should also have a high yarn count. The fabric for the jogging suit may be made from cotton as it perfectly absorbs sweat.

However, under intense jogging cotton can stick onto an individual's body giving them a chill which may result in the development of cold or flu. On the other hand, a jogging outfit made from nylon poorly absorbs sweat and they also tend to cling on the body of an individual due to their high static buildup. Therefore, it is suitable to choose jogging outfits that are made from a blend of cotton with polyester, acrylic or nylon. Jogging garments that are made from a blend of acrylic are the best since the fabric is easy to care for and it has outstanding insulating properties. Individuals that reside in warm climates can jog in a t-shirt, thick socks, shorts and a head-gear for protection against the heat of the sun and other weather extremities.

Conversely, individuals that jog in the evening, at night or when the clouds are dark should wear a jogging outfit that is reflective to enhance their safety. They should have reflective colors such as luminous green or white trims. Furthermore, when choosing jogging attire individuals should ensure they choose one that contains quality stitching. The stitches should be securely fastened, straight and of even length. This is to ensure that an individual can comfortably stretch in the outfit without breaking the seams.

Of course one of the most important if not "the" most important item when it comes to a jogging outfit is the jogging shoes. Jogging shoes should be appropriate for running and comfortable in every way. They should be light and effectively endure shock. They should also contain a flexible sole and designed specifically for jogging. However, if your choose, most footgear that can be comfortably used for jogging can also be worn during other sporting activities such as playing tennis and handball.

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