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Jogging Plan For Beginners

Have you decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle by incorporating some physical activity? An excellent way to do this is to start jogging. Jogging is a cardiovascular fitness activity which means that it is good for your heart. It, like any other physical activity, burns calories and heightens metabolic activity. This means that it is also an exercise that can be done by those who aim to lose some weight. However, you should not start running without a plan. This is because starting without a realistic plan may lead to failure. This is why you need a jogging plan for beginners.

A jogging plan for beginners is simply a running program that sets out your goals. It also spells out a running schedule that you will need to stick to for best results. With a well drawn up plan, you should be able to make steady progress and keep track of this progress. The ability to keep track of your progress (if you are indeed making progress) is motivation in itself.

The jogging plan for beginners will help a beginner get mentally and physically prepared for more intense running in the future. However, before starting on any physical activity, you must be sure that you are physically fit. It is a good idea to consult your physician for an all clear. You should also get the right running gear which will include loose fitting clothes and a good pair of running shoes.

A typical jogging plan for beginners will be an 8 or 10 week plan. The first week will typically involve a run/walk program with more walking than running. Each successive week build up from the previous week and gets more intense than the last. At the start of the jogging plan, a beginner may barely be able to run continuously for more than a minute, if that. However, at the end of the 8 or 10 week schedule, the jogger should be able to run continuously for 20 to 30 minutes.

A good jogging plan for beginners should take into consideration where you shall be running. Running outside is slightly more challenging than running on a treadmill for the simple reason that the treadmill belt does some of the work for you. To add more challenge to treadmill running, the jogging plan may include suggestions for increasing difficulty such as raising the incline to say a 1 per cent gradient. The gradient may be raised as the weeks progress.

An excellent jogging plan for beginners will not be about distance covered in your jog but rather in the duration of your jog. This is because time is a better measure of fitness progress than duration. The plan will also include a warm up and cool down period. Warm up period should last 5 to 10 minutes and about 5 minutes for the cool down period. You should also do some light stretching before and after your jog.

Any jogging plan for beginners should include a check up with a doctor to be certain there is no reason for not having a jogging routine. However, there should be no problems if the jogger starts off slow and works their way up as far as speed and duration.