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Jogging Plan

Jogging is a very simple exercise that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It does not require you to have a gym membership nor does it require any special equipment. Moreover, it happens to be one of the best weight loss exercises. If you are thinking of taking up jogging, it is essential that you formulate a jogging plan for best results.

A jogging plan simply details the basic elements of your jogging routine and includes any variations to help you reach your weight loss or health goals. Jogging plans are best for individuals who have minimal jogging experience and would like to incorporate the exercise into their daily routine.

First decide about how frequently you would like to jog. If your main aim is to lose weight steadily over a certain period of time, then you will also have to think of the duration, frequency as well as the overall intensity of the jog. Fitness experts recommend that individuals who have minimal jogging experience should start off by mixing their jogging exercise with a little bit of walking. This is to allow the body to get accustomed to their daily jogging routine. As such, start off by combining jogging and walking for at least thirty minutes each day. Try to jog and walk frequently throughout the week, at least two to three times each week. As you go on with your routine, decrease the amount of time you spend walking and increase the amount you spend jogging.

As with any exercise, you may find that you hit a certain “plateau’ at which you are not getting the results you are searching for. This is mainly because your current level of physical exercise is not exertive enough. As such, once you have become accustomed to a particular routine, you may find it useful to extend the amount of time you spend jogging. To do so, you may put goals within your jogging plan. For instance, you may set a goal to jog continuously for thirty minutes without taking a break. When you reach the set goals, you then set new ones as part of your new jogging plan.

At times, you may include interval training with your jogging routine. A number of joggers tend to find that interval training exercises such as sprinting and running greatly increase the expected outcomes more than simply jogging alone. However, you will need to reach a certain level of fitness before you can successfully integrate interval training into your jogging plan.

When you set the goals that you wish to accomplish on your jogging plan, keep in mind, that you need to do at least two hours of moderate physical activity or an hour of vigorous physical activity to see results.

The main thing to remember when laying out your jogging plan is that you must stick with it. You are not going to see immediate results and you must be patient until the fruits of your labor are realized. It will probably be around two to three weeks before you note that you are looking and feeling better.