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Jogging is without a doubt one of the best ways to get your whole body in excellent condition. It is of course very beneficial to your cardiovascular system as well as your mental condition. Studies have found individuals who keep their bodies in good shape have a lot more self esteem and overall good feelings about themselves and life in general. These two positives alone are excellent reasons for starting a jogging program.

If you have not exercised extensively in a long time or if you are an older individual the first thing you want to do is go to your doctor for a checkup. You probably need one anyway and you do want to stay on the safe side and make sure there are no health problems that need to be dealt with before you start your jogging program.

One nice thing about jogging is it is not that expensive to participate in. You will need a good pair of jogging shoes but that is pretty much the only investment you will need to make to engage in your new exercise program. Many people buy jogging sports wear but any type of loose fitting clothing will do the job.

Before you begin you actual workout you need to always do some warm up exercises to get your muscles stretched out and prevent any pulled muscles that could put you out of commission for a few days or even weeks. As with your jogging start off slow and let your muscles slowly stretch over a period of a few minutes and not all at once.

Once you have your doctor's okay you want to be sure and start off slow. Even if your doctor has said you are in good enough condition to start jogging does not mean you want to overdo it your first few days. You do not want to get discouraged and quit because you can not enjoy your exercise because you are trying to do more than you body is ready for. Make your first day an easy one and then add to it a little everyday.

One thing you want to try and do is select a jogging route you feel safe with. Jog in a familiar neighborhood or on jogging trails that are used by a lot of people. Also, jogging in traffic is very unwise. For one thing you are taking a chance of getting hit by a car and for another thing you will be breathing in a lot pollution from the cars that will hurt your body more than your jogging is going to help it.

If you are jogging to lose weight you need to also change your eating habits. If will do you know good to jog for an hour and then go home and stuff yourself. Cut back on high fat, high cholesterol foods and replace them with fruit and vegetables. By changing your eating habits along with your jogging program you will loose weight a lot faster and give yourself the encouragement you need to stay with the routine.

If you are already in pretty decent condition and have started a jogging program to see that you stay that way your main enemy is going to be boredom. Be sure and change your jogging path on occasion and perhaps carry and MP3 player along and listen to your favorite music. Unless you are a loner it is always good to have one or more jogging partners. You will have no problem carrying on an interesting conversation and jogging at the same time.

There are other things you can do to keep your jogging program interesting and productive. Our site has a huge amount of information on jogging and we are always adding more. Stay around awhile and bookmark for later use.