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Jogging safety should be a concern to anyone who decides to start a jogging program. Since for most individuals it is a sport taken up for health reasons, it would be foolish to sustain an injury while trying to get your body in shape.

Jogging is a favorite exercise program for many people all over the world. It is a low cost way to keep your body and mind in condition and obtain weight loss at the same time. Better still, the only equipment needed to participate in this popular sport is a nice pair of comfortable and well fitted running shoes.

If you have decided to take up jogging here are a few tips concerning jogging safety.

First and foremost unless you have been participating in another form of strenuous exercise on a regular basis, get a physical checkup to make certain there are no medical problems that would make jogging unwise in your particular case. There have been many serious health issues including heart attacks to individuals who started an exercise program their body wasn't ready for.

Before beginning your run you should double knot your shoe laces if they are very long. Believe it or not there have been jogging injuries and falls which occurred because someone stepped on a shoelace that had become untied.

Another thing to do before starting your actually jogging program is to spend a minimum of 5 minutes on warmup and stretching exercises. This warmup session can prevent pulled muscles as well as a number of other physical problems from occurring.

When first beginning your jogging exercise program you should always start of at a slow pace and a short distance. Then, as your body feels like it can handle it start increasing both your pace and distance. You do not want to overexert yourself to the point of it being detrimental to your health.

Whenever possible jog somewhere besides on a street or busy highway. Not only is there a much better chance of an accident, you will be breathing in a lot of auto exhaust gases that are bad for your health.

For better jogging safety if you must jog on a road do so facing the traffic. At times drivers are not attentive or perhaps intoxicated. You should be watching oncoming traffic closely in case they are not watching you.

It is always better not to jog at night, but if you do always wear light colored clothing and jog in an area that you feel is safe and secure from assaults. A light or reflective articles would make it even safer.

Always carry enough money for a bus or taxi in case you should sustain some type of injury. Don't try to keep walking or jogging as it could make a small injury an even more serious one.

Don't jog under icy or bad weather conditions. If you get far from your car or home and a bad storm comes up it could could easily put you in a dangerous situation.

Although many people do not listen to this warning, for your jogging safety it is better not jog while listening to music over earphones, especially if you are jogging on a street. There are audible sounds that occur many times before an accident happens and if you can not hear these sounds you can not take preventive measures.

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