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Jogging Shoes for Men

Active men should find time to scout the latest and best jogging shoes if they are going to participate in the sport. Believe it or not, using the right sports gear can significantly improve performance not to mention promote injury prevention. By picking the right jogging shoes for men, one can continue to be active and be seriously engaged in sports while still enjoying the comforts on and beyond the track.

The most important consideration when selecting jogging shoes for men is the specific way the buyer runs. Because of subtle differences in anatomy and physiology, everyone runs a little bit differently. The shoes are geared towards matching this specific running form or gait and in the process boost performance while preventing injury.

Consider the following major classifications of gait and how they influence selection of jogging shoes for men:

• Overpronation. This running gait is characterized by the ball of the foot rolling inwards as the foot impacts the ground. To visualize, consider the way a knock-kneed person walks and then project this in the case of running. With pronators, the arch of the foot collapses resulting to flat foot impact that causes significant stresses on the ankles and knees. Pronators require shoes with cushion on the inside part of the ankle so when the foot hits the ground, the cushion absorbs the impact but prevents collapse. In the shoe industry, the general term for shoes of these kinds are “stability” shoes.

• Underpronation/Supination. This is a term that refers to runners who do not sufficiently roll their feet to absorb the impact. A fair amount of rolling is actually required for efficient running. With supinators, this rolling is absent or insufficient. As a result, the stresses are transferred straight to the foot, ankles and knees without any cushioning effect. The jogging shoes for men best suited for these types of gait are called “motion control” shoes and they offer extra cushion on the outside part of the foot to promote a little more roll mimicking normal running movement.

• Neutral Pronation. This refers to runners with a typical running gait where the stresses upon impact are adequately transferred and dissipated minimizing injury to various parts of the foot and knee. As a result, a runner will only require neutral jogging shoes for men. Consequently, wearing stability or motion control shoes exaggerates foot movements which can likewise lead to injury.

There are many reliable brands manufacturing jogging shoes for men. Among the most notable are Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Newton, Mizuno, and Saucony among others. It is best to buy performance running footwear from brands that are known in order to be sure of the quality of the footwear. The slightest mistake in design or construction can easily promote a running injury defeating the purpose of purchasing jogging shoes in the first place.

Aim higher by performing better in running events as well as preventing injury by getting only the best jogging shoes for men. True, these shoes might cost a little extra than the average shoe that you can buy on the street but with the trade-offs and benefits that you get out of each stride, the extra cost is a very worthwhile. After all, the feeling of a good run, being fit and healthy, and preventing injury cannot be quantified by monetary value, especially if you are doing it because you truly love running.