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There is a running revolution sweeping across many countries of the world today and seeing people run and jog early in the morning or late in the afternoon has become a common sight everywhere you go. To be able to enjoy the revolution and run faster for longer, it is important to pick the right jogging shoes. The right jogging shoes for women or men will give them all the comfort and protection that their feet need without compromising mobility and freedom of movement. However, in this article we are going to look at jogging shoes for women.

The first thing to remember when buying jogging shoes for women is to know your gait by going through a gait analysis routine. Gait is nothing more than your running form, in particular how your feet reacts as it hits the ground with each step.

Neutral runners are those whose feet hit the ground flat without any roll left and right. Pronators and suppinators, on the other hand, refer to runners who have an additional rolling motion from the ankle and knees immediately after each stride. This rolling motion, if left unchecked, can cause serious ankle and knee injuries because the joints are subjected to jarring forces with each step.

Today, jogging shoes for women and men are designed for neutral, pronator and suppinator runners so their feet are properly cushioned with each impact. The cushion ensures that the feet are fully supported through the running motion so the runner doesn’t feel the full brunt of the ground, rather some of the impact forces are absorbed through the soles of the shoe and dissipated before they get to the ankles and knees. There are many running specialty stores that offer free gait analysis for customers so you don’t have to pay a single penny for knowing your running gait.

Afterwards finding out your gait, there are other considerations in choosing shoes that are important to every jogger. There are jogging shoes for women designed for long distance running by providing cushion and ventilation while sacrificing a little weight. Shorter distances, on the other hand, where speed matters more than endurance require shoes that sacrifice a little of the cushion to maximize weight and speed. Depending on your running preference, these factors have to be taken into consideration when buying jogging shoes for women or men.

Of course, there are brands that have specific identities which can appeal to everyone’s preference when it comes to design. Nike is known for bold, colorful and flashy shoes with excellent cushioning such as the Nike Air Pegasus. Adidas, on the other hand, have more streamlined shoes designed for speed such as the Adizero series. Other excellent brands that have jogging shoes for women include Asics, New Balance, Newton, Mizuno, Saucony and a few others that are all designed specifically for jogging.

The best advise available when buying jogging shoes for women is to purchase them from a specialty store where you can talk to a shoe expert prior to purchasing. It is also important to read online reviews on jogging shoes before deciding which one to purchase. Remember, when you jog, your feet take a significant amount of pounding so there is no such thing as being overly cautious with your feet. Go out of your way to care for your feet and you can be assured they will take care of you during your jogging workout.

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