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Ways of Improving Your Jogging Speed

Jogging is one of the most effective forms of exercise available. The best thing about jogging is that it is free and can be done virtually everywhere. As any regular jogger will tell you, there are a number of problems that one normally encounters during their normal jogging routine. The first and most common problem is boredom and the second is the accurate determination of one’s jogging speed.

Often, you will find that the two problems are interrelated. Jogging can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise but if one becomes lax with their jogging routine or with their jogging speed, it can easily become boring. Thus, if you would like to jog seriously, then you should try some of these simple ways to ensure that you are always enthusiastic when it comes to jogging.

First, try varying your jogging speed. A number of fitness professionals suggest that one of the best ways to ensure that one is never bored with their jogging workout is through varying their jogging speed. By changing the rate at which you jog every time you do so, you increase the resistance that your body must overcome in order to jog comfortably. Not only does this completely eliminate boredom, you will also find it physically beneficial as it compels your body to work harder than your previous routine. As such, you gain much more in terms of cardiovascular benefits.

Second, you should also think of varying your jogging routes. Jogging the same route will, after a while, prove to be rather dull. By changing the routes, one will be enthusiastic about having to tackle new terrain as well as having new sites to see. Moreover, by combining change of terrain with change of speed, one can greatly improve how much they train with each single routine.

If you would like to improve your jogging speed, it would be worthwhile to go jogging with someone else, perhaps a friend or family member. Jogging with someone else allows you to pace yourself and in doing so, you are able to continuously improve both speed and distance.

If you choose to have competitive jogging routines, you will also notice a gradual improvement in the time it takes you to complete a particular distance as well as an overall improvement in how well you pace yourself. Moreover, jogging with a friend also helps relieve the monotony of the whole jogging routine as you are able to carry on a conversation while jogging.

Last, if the part of the country you live in often has bad jogging conditions, it may be worth considering training on a treadmill or at the local gym on the bad weather days. The main advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to continuously improve your speed and distance with varying resistances. Don’t forget that the amount of calories you burn are directly related to your jogging speed.