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Jogging Sport

In recent years, the world has seen an unprecedented boom in the jogging sport industry. Today, jogging or long distance running is widely considered a premier recreational sport with millions of loyal and avid followers worldwide. Tens of thousands line up on the starting line of famous marathon events like the New York and London Marathons.

What belies the popularity of this sport is the increasing emphasis for living healthy lifestyles in the face of a growing obesity problem. As more and more people look to escape the threat of weight-related problems, they turn to jogging sport and are easily converted from being just occasional joggers to hardcore runners.

Consider; no other sport offers the strip-down approach that is a hallmark of jogging. All that you need are a good pair of running shoes, and even that is now debatable. It’s not hard to find joggers and serious runners in parks and beaches all over the world, during the early morning hours or late in the afternoon, and regardless of the season. You will find hardcore runners doing their thing in winter as you would in summer.

The appeal of jogging sport is considerable because it offers many benefits to loyal practitioners. The weight loss effect cannot be underestimated; running burns more calories per hour than most other types of sports. It can be done in almost any environment. A good run floods the body with endorphins that promotes a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction. And the fulfillment of completing a full marathon exceeds the feeling of seeing your favorite team win the championship while you watch on the sidelines.

Jogging sport teaches people to recognize their limitations and obliterate those limitations with hard work and perseverance. There are plenty of success stories of once-sedentary people that began a jogging routine and transformed themselves into fierce advocates of fitness and health.

And the best part is that running does not recognize any race, color or age as a criterion for succeeding. True, many Ethiopians and Kenyans dominate the top marathons in the world but there are many more following in their footsteps, traversing the same distance, and conquering their fears to finish the marathon. Jogging sport has young and old practitioners alike, men and women, Caucasian, Asians, Africans, and Latinos. As recently as 2012, a one-hundred year old man completed a marathon in less than five hours.

These attributes all point to the continued success of jogging sport as it encourages more people to shun their sedentary lives and lace up their running shoes for a quick workout. It pushes people to conquer their perceived limitations and exceed them. It gives people a sense of purpose and instills discipline and hard work. Best of all, jogging sport allows everyone to be athletes and achievers in their own right.

As the world continues to work hard to reverse the trend of weight loss problems, there is no doubt that jogging sport will be there to spearhead the transition from fat to fast, “help me” to healthy, and sedentary to extraordinary.