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Jogging Style

Any successful weight loss program requires that one combines the right exercise program with the right diet to meet your body’s basic needs. Jogging is one of the best exercises available as it burns quite a bit of calories. Moreover, you need very little equipment to do it. If you choose jogging as part of your exercise routine, then you should choose a jogging style that is comfortable and allows you to continuously improve on your intensity and duration spent on the jog.

In order to lose weight, you will need to consume less calories and burn more over a certain period of time. As such, your weight loss goals will be focused on having a diet with an appropriate number of calories as well as jogging to burn off as many calories as you can. Experts estimate that an individual will lose a pound for every 2500-3000 calories they burn. As such, you should set you weight loss goals with this in mind.

Your jogging style will depend on the weight loss goals that you have set as well as your current weight. As such, your style will vary in terms of intensity and duration. When basing your jogging style on intensity, it is crucial that you jog at the right intensity so as to get the best from your workout. If you jog too fast, you may not be able to last as long as you would like. On the other hand, if you jog too slowly, you may not burn off as many calories as you can. You can check on the intensity of your workout by checking on your heart rate. The right jogging style based on intensity will have you jogging at about 70% of your maximum heart rate. This will allow you to continue jogging longer at a steady pace.

Another factor influencing your jogging style is the frequency and the duration of the jog. The number of calories you burn in a week is directly related to how frequently you jog. Jogging is low impact activity and as such burns less calories than high impact activities such as running. As such, in order to meet your weight loss goals, you need to jog at least 5 days every week. If you are just starting your jogging routine, then take it easy and start with a jog at least three days every week. This will help build up your endurance. Once your endurance builds up, you can increase the duration and length as well as the frequency of the jog.

When talking about jogging style, it is crucial that you keep in mind the right jogging technique to get the best out of your jog. As you jog, keep your hands relaxed with your head, neck and spine all aligned. Be sure to land gently on your feet and always remember to look forward as you jog.

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