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Jogging Suits For A Comfortable Run

Jogging suits are the ultimate in comfort and style but their usefulness transcends beyond conventional aesthetics. When you consider the type of demands we oftentimes place on jogging suits, you would know that these suits also represent the leading edge of fabric technology. Make no mistake about it; jogging suits are not just made from ordinary materials with conventional designs and a little flair thrown in for effect. Jogging suits are the be-all-end-all of performance clothing and adding a fashion statement to that equation certainly does not hurt the cause of these suits.

When world-class sports performance wear manufacturers like Nike and Adidas design jogging suits, they are looking for a material that adequately combines various clothing elements that do not naturally belong together:

1. Comfort and convenience. Nothing interrupts a jogging routine more than bad clothing. If the clothes are too loose, they sway too much in the wind amplifying that “wind-in-your-face” effect and creating unnecessary drag that impedes or limit your forward movement. Conversely, tight-fitting clothes will restrict your breathing resulting in less than comfortable running.

2. Sweat management. When you jog, you sweat. When you sweat, the bacteria feasts on the excreted salts from the sweat resulting to that “stinky” smell that comes out less than an hour after a heavy workout. Jogging suits are designed to absorb the sweat but also release it to the environment just as quickly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t only smell bad but the clothes would feel much heavier too.

3. Texture. One of the easily forgotten elements in jogging suits is texture. You cannot have a rough cloth because it will cause unnecessary chafing and rashes. Conversely, very shiny clothing is not ideal either because it typically tends to stick to the body when it gets wet which makes it more of a limiting element.

4. Color. This is oftentimes not a problem but when a jogger prefers running at night, it can become a lifesaver. Sophisticated jogging suits actually have portions with a reflector. This bounces off incoming light and warns vehicles that there is a jogger on the road. To add to the effect, bright colors also increase visibility preventing or at least limiting the likelihood of unnecessary accidents.

To address these very stringent demands for the material in jogging suits, world-class manufacturers have invented very sophisticated clothing from which today’s latest army of jogging suits are made. Nike owns the patent rights to a material called DriFit while Adidas matches this with the ClimaCool and ClimaLite clothing line.

Simply put, these are materials that absorb the sweat and instantly passes it on to the environment. The material is light enough to be comfortable but also resistant to all forms of pulling and tugging. It is shiny to prevent chafing but also not too shiny as to be a nuisance when it becomes wet. Best of all, the material is ideal for allowing air ventilation to come through so at no point in your run does it become uncomfortable or annoying.

Behold, the new cutting edge technology behind jogging suits that makes your jogs more comfortable, absolutely stylish, and professionally functional. Admit it, you would never leave your house without donning the best in jogging suits that sports apparel manufacturers have to offer!