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Jogging Trails versus Roadside Jogging

When track and roadside running gets boring you might think of changing to trail running. Jogging trails offer a fabulous way to exercise outdoors on scenic routes and explore some of the loveliest landscapes in the country.

If you’re not sure where to find a suitable jogging trail, check at the local community centre or gyms. Or if you are new to a neighbourhood, inquire with the neighbours or long-term residents. Visit the local parks as many of them have specially planned jogging tracks.

Different jogging trails are suitable for runners of different levels. For beginners, it’s best to start with flat trails until you build up your stamina. This will also help to avoid injuries until you perfect correct running styles. More experienced runners will probably prefer challenging routes, for example up hilly, winding tracks.

Jogging on trails has a different style when compared to regular track jogging. Trails will meander and wind over uneven surfaces making the workout much more challenging on the body than a smooth track run. Therefore, you should slow down your pace and also shave off a few miles from your normal running distance until you acclimatize. When going downhill, reduce your speed so as to avoid skidding and falling.

For trail jogging, clothing needs to be suitable for the weather conditions. Wear lightweight clothes that ‘breathe’ well, i.e. they don’t retain sweat and stay damp. Wearing a good pair of trail running shoes specially designed for the terrain are a must.

Safety while out running is critical. If you plan to jog alone, choose jogging trails that have a moderate number of other joggers. Always let somebody know your route and your approximate departure and return time. Carry some form of ID with you as well as your mobile phone.

While jogging, pay attention to what’s going on around you no matter how familiar you are with the trail. For example, keep your eyes up to see upcoming obstacles and skirt around them early. It’s probably a good idea not to jog with ear phones on as you might not hear approaching danger. Alternatively, get a jogging companion so that you have somebody who can call for help should a mishap take place.

Jogging on trails can be organized into quick weekend getaways or longer vacation plans. Local tourism offices, outdoor clothing and equipment stores, hiking clubs and tourism offices are good places to pick up maps and information about the best jogging routes.

For jogging enthusiasts who also travel frequently, many hotels give good advice about the best jogging trails in the local area. Be sure to carry a map showing the jogging route, the way back to your hotel and the hotel’s full address details. Some city hotels in international destinations have also created in-built trails complete with landscaped terrains.

Keeping the surrounding environment clean is partly the responsibility of joggers. When running on jogging trails, throw your litter only into garbage bins and carry a refillable drink container instead of buying new bottles each time you have to run. Jogging trails are a challenging way of exercising but a marvelous way to experience the great outdoors.

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