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Despite the perceived simplicity of jogging as an exercise, one can actually develop a comprehensive jogging weight loss plan that can lead to serious results without having to enroll in a gym. Indeed, jogging is widely recognized among fitness experts as one of the most effective workouts for losing weight provided it is done correctly. In this post, we will look at typical examples of a 1-week jogging weight loss plan in order to teach weight loss enthusiasts the underlying principles that help create an effective weight reduction routine by just jogging regularly.

For beginners, here is what a typical jogging weight loss plan would look like: Monday – rest, Tuesday – short run of 2 to 3 miles at easy pace, Wednesday – 3 mile interval run at alternating fast and slow pace of 1-minute intervals, Thursday – rest, Friday – 3 miles easy run, Saturday – 1.5 miles easy run, Sunday – 6 to 8 miles at easy pace.

The effectiveness of a jogging weight loss plan such as this can be traced to just a few underlying principles that can turn an ordinary jogging routine into an effective weight reduction habit.

•Structure and regularity - This is perhaps the most important facet of the above weight loss program. Actually, all weight loss plans have a structure and schedule as the backbone for the workout. Many people who jog often ask themselves why they are not losing weight. A likely answer is because these joggers do not do it often enough in a way that is structured and systematic. If one hopes to lose weight via jogging, it is not sufficient to just go out and jog for a few minutes and then quit when you feel tired. A set structure and schedule will make sure you are doing a routine that is known to get you the results you want.

•Variation - Another facet of a jogging weight loss plan that is very important is variation. The body is able to cope up with the demands of jogging fairly quickly and variation helps to keep the body on edge in order to produce more spectacular results. The variation is introduced via the pace and the distance of the running workouts. As the body is subjected to varying running demands from pace and distance, it is forced to burn more fat and calories to compensate for the effort thereby producing more dramatic results.

•Interval training - The core of this jogging routine is the Wednesday workout which involves interval training. This type of training is well known in the fitness community as the fat-buster because it produces the most results within a reasonably short period. Interval training should be a primary component of any jogging weight loss plan so you can achieve the results that you want to see.

•The long run - The Sunday long run is indeed a daunting challenge for newbie joggers but the plan can be quickly modified to cater to runners of every shape or form. At the onset, you can try running 3 miles on Sundays and then gradually adding 10% more to your Sunday runs every week. Pretty soon, you’d be able to tackle an 8-mile run with no problems.

A jogging weight loss plan is effective when done in the right way and if it is based on sound fitness concepts. See if you can develop one that works for you using the four main principles outlined above.

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