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Jogging With Weights

One fun twist that people can incorporate into their otherwise boring and monotonous running workout is jogging with weights. No doubt this has crossed the minds of many an avid runner and this post is dedicated to talking about the advantages of such an exercise.

Whether you consider jogging with weights to challenge yourself or reap positive results with regard to your running performance, you can be assured that this extra addition to you jogging exercise can certainly go a long way towards helping you realize your personal goals.

There are multiple ways to incorporate weights into your jogging routines. Consider the following options that are widely adopted by many joggers who are already further along with their jogging with weights routine:

There are commercial weights designed to attach to various parts of the body in a comfortable manner so you do not have to worry about the weights when you run. Common varieties include weights with Velcro straps that warp around your ankles or biceps. There are also belt-type weights that are positioned across the waist during a run.

In some cases, joggers resort to using dumbbells for extra weights. Joggers hold dumbbells of their preferred weight and run with it adding an extra arm swing to workout the arm muscles in the process.

In cases where commercial weights are not available, joggers can use water or sports drink bottles. These are more than suitable substitutes to commercial weight varieties and can be easily jettisoned in a trashcan along the route should the runner find the extra demand beyond their capacity.

It is easy to see the benefits that jogging with weights can bring to one’s workouts. These benefits include:

1. The extra weights help burn more calories during running workouts. The leg muscles are forced to work harder and the extra effort leads to better calorie burn which in turn is a great way to lose weight.

2. Jogging with weights works out some of the areas that are oftentimes not directly influenced by running. For example, weights on the arm help workout specific arm muscles like the biceps and triceps which would otherwise be forgotten without the weights. And of course, the extra work being done on the arm muscles also leads to more calorie burn which, again, is great for losing weight.

3. Jogging with weights can help build speed and endurance. The extra work develops fast twitch muscle fibers in the legs which eventually help runners run faster. The added weight, likewise, strengthens the muscles which is important for developing endurance.

Jogging with weights is a great workout variation that is guaranteed to produce serious results. Whether you are a recreational runner looking to lose weight, or a serious runner eyeing a leap in your performance, jogging with weights can help you get there. Check it out today and see how far it will take you; it’s a great goal to look forward to and one that will lead you to great results during your jogging exercise.